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For those following the progress of the development of Scenesse (formerly Afamelanotide), some good results from Phase II trials in treating Solar Urticaria. Solar Urticaria is a rare skin condition that can be thought of as being like hives caused my exposure to the sun. Participants received a 16mg implant of Scenesse and were found […]

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Mylan continues to fight for Generic Oracea

Documents recently filed in the Mylan vs. Galderma patent litigation reveal that Mylan Pharmaceuticals continues to argue that it should be allowed to manufacture generic Oracea. This ongoing battle is known as the “Oracea Patent Litigation”. If you are interested to see how generic pharma takes on big pharma to get a bite of the […]

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Vanicream Sunscreens User Reviews

Liked by rosacea sufferers for being mild, elegant and reasonably priced, Vanicream Sunscreen SPF30 and SPF60 offer strong sun protection in a formulation worth trying out. Vanicream Sunscreen is available in SPF30, SPF35 and SPF60. The SPF30 and SPF60 formulations contain physical sun blocking elements Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, whilst the SPF35 formulation also […]

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Skin Bacteria Thrives in Rosacea Patients

This just published abstract has two interesting findings. Firstly the majority of pustules from a group of rosacea sufferers contained a growth of a skin bacteria called Staphylococcus epidermidis, whereas normal skin from the same side of the face as the pustule did not. Secondly a significant difference was found between the growth of Staphylococcus […]

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Trial Watch: New Treatments Coming Soon

Despite the global financial economic situation and despite the seemingly crowded skincare market, the research and development of rosacea treatments continues at pace. I wonder if you would be surprised to see the number of rosacea clinical trials listed at that have had activity in the last year? Even though many products never get […]

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