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One of the areas of research that attracts attention in the press and it also interesting to rosacea sufferers revolves around how many people have rosacea. The latest 2010 estimates from the NRS suggest that 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, up from the last estimate of 14 million. The incidence of rosacea is studied because […]

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Just how does Finacea work ?

I’m not sure that I have laid awake at night wondering about how exactly finacea does it’s thing, but as Rosacea News had a stab at Just how does metrogel work ? a while ago, an attempt at covering Finacea’s method of action is only fair. It is interesting to consider how finacea works especially if that […]

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Vitamin D continues to attract interest as does the list of ailments that are now associated with this nutrient. We know from previous studies that Vitamin D modulates the production of cytokines, thereby suppressing inflammation, but here we see that this has been linked not to rosacea, but viral infections such as the flu. Serum […]

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Finacea now available in Canada

Canadian rosacea sufferers have up until now been unable to officially use Finacea. Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals have announced that Finacea is now available in Canada. Finally Canadians can get access to Finacea via prescription bringing them inline with other rosacea sufferers in the US and UK. Finacea is also available over the counter in Australia. […]

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If you could ask for a topic for an article on rosacea, what would you ask for ? I have been approached by someone who is contemplating writing an article that would be interesting for rosacea sufferers to read. This article could be published in a magazine or journal and depending on the topic could […]

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