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Who uses Rosacea LTD disks here??

From: The Lucey Weinhold Family Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:35:21 Simon Harrington wrote: > Hey has anyone used Rosacea-LTD ? Are they any good? > Hearing from anyone that uses them would be a great help. Hi Simon — I do, I do!  Here’s my story: I had rosacea for years without realizing it.  I […]

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Collagenex is set to become a subsidiary of the much bigger Galderma, after CollaGenex agreed to a merger. So 2 of the biggest pharmaceutical companies involved with make rosacea treatments are to become the same company. Galderma has long been associated with rosacea treatment, and is best known for the metronidazole based topicals metrogel, metrocream […]

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Finacea is good for Acne and Hyper Pigmentation as well

This poster session is seeking to expand the appeal of Finacea (which contains Azelaic acid 15%) beyond rosacea. The result is that the authors are suggesting that finacea is also possibly good for acne vulgaris and hyperpigmentation as well as rosacea. If you are interested in reading more about rosacea, and its applicability to rosacea, […]

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The National Rosacea Society has updated their Frequently Asked Questions page, as reviewed and edited by Dr. Mark Dahl (who is on the Medical Advisory Board of the NRS). They have included 44 questions ranging from `What causes rosacea’ to `Do steroids induce rosacea’. Publications from the NRS are carefully written to be neutral and […]

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Regarding another investor conference today, CEO Colin Stewart presented and most of the information was familiar. However, during the question period, an audience member asked about rebound flushing/redness during the Sansrosa / COL-118 trials. The following is what was said: Man: “I realize that it’s an in-class, COL-118, it’s kind of difficult to work out […]

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