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Despite promising looking Phase 1 and initial Phase 2 dose finding studies, Incyclinide will no longer be developed as a treatment for rosacea. Incyclinide is a chemically modified tetracycline that its developers – Collagenex, was hoping would become another systemic treatment for rosacea. We did get a warning in May that clinical trials for Incyclinide […]

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Cost of Accutane

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Cost of Accutane From: Jonathan Sy Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 18:17:31 Hi Susan. Accutane can be very very expensive. I weigh 175lbs. so my dosage was about 80mg a day. This added up to $400 a month, or $2000 for a 5-month course. However, I was getting it for cystic acne, so my health […]

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Topical Kinetin (Kinerase) Moisturizer for Anti-Aging

This article was first highlighted by Rosacea News in March 2006 as result of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the AAD, Poster Session in San Francisco. The paper was called Tolerability and efficacy of a moisturizing lotion containing 0.1% kinetin for improving the signs of acne rosacea in facial and neck skin. The follow-on paper […]

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Thanks to Georgie Holbrook for answering some questions for Rosacea News. You can visit her web site at In 2000 when I reviewed her book I wrote "Georgie is a delight to deal with and a true friend to all us Rosaceans". That is still very much a true statement. 1. What was your […]

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Arnica Montana for Swelling and Bruising

In a recent Rosacea News article the highlighted LPDL treatment regime used Arnica pre- and post- treatment to reduce the bruising and swelling associated with pulse dye laser. The paper specifically mentioned SinEcch from Alpine Pharmaceuticals. Alpine Pharmaceuticals are promoting SinEcch as a natural homeopathic dose of Arnica Montana. I have to say that I […]

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