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Thought this patent looked really interesting, especially if it results in a consumer device that will allow rosacea sufferers to safely remove facial hair without causing further irritation. I know I’d like an alternative to scraping a razor or blunt foil across my sensitive face everyday. From Invention: Razor light A device that uses light […]

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Last month we profiled a paper from Dermatology Times in `combining red & yellow LEDs, topicals & antibiotics‘. We liked what we saw and contacted Dr. Goldberg to see if he would answer some questions for us. As there has been quite a lot of interest in LED based treatments we thought his expertise would be […]

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This paper is interesting given that there is an ongoing clinical trial to look at restasis and treating ocular rosacea. Current Treatment of Ocular Rosacea, Topical cyclosporine proves to be effective in treating rosacea. BY BARRY A. SCHECHTER, M.D. Topical cyclosporine provided statistically significantly greater improvements in Schirmer scores (Graph 1), TBUT (Graph 2), corneal […]

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