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Collagenex has announced that Oracea has received FDA approval. I doubt many will get excited about this announcement. In effect Collagenex has re-gained the patent it used to have for periostat, albeit with a changed delivery, name and therapeutic target (from gum to skin). Periostat was 20mg twice a day, used for gum disease ; […]

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Arubix S Anti-Redness Cream Reviews and Research

Previous items on the Arubix Anti-Redness products only referenced the abstract of a study trialling the main active ingredient: Chrysanthellum Indicum. Sicobel, who previously manufactured Arubix have published the full text of the journal article: Randomized placebo-controlled trial of a flavonoid-rich plant extract-based cream in the treatment of rosacea (PDF). The Chrysanthelleum indicum contained in […]

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So called low dose doxycycline, and treating rosacea has had some good research published in recent years. The treatment dose is low enough to not have antibiotic ability, but still give a therapeutic benefit. Tetracyclines have also been used successfully to treat ocular rosacea symptoms. This patent covers the ability to co-treat rosacea and ocular […]

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Metrogel, Metrolotion, Metrocream, Noritate, once or twice per day – all the same same !!

Despite quite a lot of activity in the marketing and development of the metronidazole based rosacea treatments (lotion, cream, gel, generic equivalents, metrogel 1%, once per day, twice per day) this research suggests that the formulation and treatment frequency make little difference to the treatment outcome. So if you can tolerate one of the available […]

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Some interesting looking technology that one day might prove to be another tool in treating vascular rosacea. Anything that can help a laser treatment target vessels more accurately will be a bonus for sufferers. Vein-viewing Tech Launched Luminetx ships an imaging device that flashes the body’s veins onto the skin With the help of infrared […]

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