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The Top Natural Rosacea Treatments

There is a lot of interest from rosacea sufferers to cure their rosacea with natural or herbal therapies and home remedies. Many are keen to avoid treatments like antibiotics and metrogel. This paper is by far the best collection of information about natural rosacea treatments or products I’ve found. Read on to discover just what […]

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Blepharitis Linked to Helicobacter Pylori ?

Prevalence and Treatment of Helicobacter pylori in Patients with Blepharitis, Sergio Claudio Saccà, Antonio Pascotto, Gian Maria Venturino, Guido Prigione, Antonio Mastromarino, Franco Baldi, Claudio Bilardi, Vincenzo Savarino, Carlo Brusati, and Alfredo Rebora, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science. 2006;47:501-508 Department of Neurosciences, Ophthalmology and Genetics, Clinica Oculistica, the Department of Internal Medicine, Operative Unit of Gastroenterology, and […]

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Found an interesting looking patent for a water soluble version of azelaic acid. Azelaic acid is the active ingredient in finacea. Therapeutically improved salts of azelaic acid Azelaic acid is a completely new class of acne and rosacea therapy, chemically different from most of the currently available acne or rosacea medications, including retinoids and alpha-hydroxy […]

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Eucerin Redness Relief (Licochalcone A) relieves red face

Another paper showing that the licorice extract Licochalcone A can be used to create well tolerated rosacea treatments. The rosacea community is also saying that the Eucerin Redness Relief products are working well as a part of their rosacea-beating regime. Tolerance and efficacy of a skin care regimen containing licochalcone A for adults with erythematic […]

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Eucerin Redness Relief User Reviews

In 2005 a new range of skin care products from Eucerin (Beiersdorf Inc) called Eucerin Redness Relief was released. They are claimed as “Safe for sensitive skin and appropriate for Rosacea”. The Eucerin Redness Relief system has been clinically proven to provide immediate redness relief, and improve the condition of visibly red skin in four […]

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