1 percent metrogel from galderma

Written by on August 1, 2005 in Galderma, Metrogel 1%, Rosacea Topicals with 2 Comments

Not that this is all that exciting, but those (in the U.S.) without access to the Noritate 1% Metronidazole, can now get Metrogel in 1% strength. Metrogel (and its companions metrocream and metrolotion) was previously available with 0.75% metronidazole.

Metrogel is a bit of a engima for rosacea sufferers. It is by far the most well known and most popular rosacea treatment. It has been proven to help some symptoms and some sufferers of rosacea. Metrogel has captured the public eye as being the rosacea treatment of choice. Alas many rosacea sufferers long for more effective treatments. Those sufferers of blushing, flushing, rhinophyma, edema, telangiectasia and ocular rosacea simply won’t be interested in another 1% metronidazole product.

What we want to see is more innovation and not just tinkering with existing treatments. We understand that rosacea treatments are now big business, so I guess we should expect publicity surrounding tweaks to existing treatments.

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  1. I met with my dermatologist 8 weeks ago because my cheeks were constantly red and felt like I had a new sunburn or windburn. My dermatoligist gave me a Metrogel 1% kit that contained Cetaphil face wash and he gave me samples of Cetaphil face cream.
    After 8 weeks, and following his instructions carefully, the burning has stopped, and the flushing is greatly reduced. You can see the results in my new photo on my Real Estate website at GaryDuckworth.com
    I am so pleased with the results, that I plan to stay with the Metrogel/Cetaphil products forever. Gary

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