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Mirvaso Tube

Mirvaso is so new that only a few rosacea sufferers have been able to try it.

What are your chances of having a bad reaction ?

How are users in the real world faring, and will the general population see the same level of benefits as the large number of Phase III trialists ? So far it seems that many more people are having bad rebound reactions to Mirvaso, compared to the clinical trials.

Well one way that we might get an idea of how Mirvaso is being received is if we can collect reports from people who suffer from redness and try it and give us all some feedback.

Please do leave a comment if you have tried it and have an opinion.

How Well Does Mirvaso Work?

Well your response to Mirvaso is likely to fall into 1 of 4 camps;

  1. For starters, there is going to be a group of rosacea sufferers who won’t be able to use Mirvaso at all because of another condition that is incompatible with Brimonidine.
  2. Some users will get a flush reaction that will probably mean that they will stop using Mirvaso.
  3. Next, there will be a group of rosacea sufferers who get a mild to moderate reaction but will choose to continue to use Mirvaso.
  4. Finally, and hopefully in the majority, will be a group of Mirvaso users who see a good relief in their red face.

Mirvaso Reviews

Alan says:

 Not as impressed as I hoped to be, but only on my 4th day.

dogkrazy says:

I haven’t seen any rebound, but it does wear off. I use it once a day after my shower.

At first, it gets a bit redder looking but a couple hours later it blanches out..rather like pushing your finger hard on something until the pink turns white…it looks tons better!! the less red side almost looks normal on it.

alfypet says:

I tried my Mirvaso today for the first time. I applied about 45 minutes ago. The good news is that I have not reacted badly thus far. I am so used to applying a topical and immediately getting red and flushy, so that is a big plus for me.

The area on which I applied the cream has definitely paled. Surprisingly, this does not necessarily make me look better.

and then;

The good news is that I have used it for three days now and have seen no ill effects. That is huge for me, as I usually react to everything! I can’t use Metrogel, Finacea, Promiseb, Xylogel, etc, without reacting with redness or flushing.

The Mirvaso definitely helps with diffuse redness, and I think a lot of people will have great results. Under my redness, I have visible vessels, which I was hoping would not be visible with Mirvaso. But for me, they are still visible, and no longer hidden by the redness of my overall rosacea. Honestly, had I never had laser treatment and Veinwave, which made these veins more visible, I think I’d have much better results.

I do feel, however, that applying Mirvaso takes down my rosacea, in general, a degree or two. My face feels calmer and less reactive so far. I am at work today, which will be a good test. I usually flush on a daily basis at work at around 6/7 pm. I’m not sure why, but it is probably anxiety trying to finish my deadlines and get out of the office. I’ll see if that happens today.

anon24 says:

Okay I finally picked up Mirvaso from the pharmacy. Using the savings card, I only had to pay $50 for the 30mg tube, and I don’t have a great insurance, so most folks will probably get a pretty good deal on it. I applied it in the parking lot in one spot, ran some errands, and came home, and its now been about 40 minutes. I did about a quarter sized area, and the redness has subsided a bit, but nothing to write home about. I don’t know if it starts to work more after 30 minutes, I assumed that at 30 minutes it was working at maximum ability, but I will post more updates later. It is very easy to apply, spreads very easily (it’s a clear cream, kind of like vaseline), and doesn’t feel drying or anything like that. So the redness is reduced after about 40 minutes, not nearly as much as I’d hoped, but I will update later.

Steven says:

So I got it – about a week ago – used it 4 days – looked great at first, then seemed to have some breakthrough redness before the 12 hours were up. Thought I would stop using it for a few days as I thought I might be developing tolerance to it. The day after I discontinued it my face has been flushed more than before I used it. So rebound redness seems to be potential problem – It certainly has been for me.

wiry says:

Early Review: I tried it on the entire face. I took about 45min-1hr to kick in.

– The forehead results seem to be pretty decent.
– Cheeks were blotchy. Some spots were too pale, which increased contrast from the redder areas.

I think my cheeks looks worse with Mirvaso because it was just too blotchy. Some areas are too pale and unnatural looking. Have you ever heard someone say you look like you’ve seen a ghost? Well, it sort of looks like that. The forehead seemed to give a better cosmetic result. Perhaps with some experimentation one could get it look better. I will try some different approaches and see what happens.

Overall, I think with enough experimentation (and fingers crossed there is no rebound flushing), this could be a useful medication. But I think it will be tricky to really good natural looking results (at least for me). Its a little “black and white” or should I say “red and white”. Maybe if I were to dilute it a little and just go for a toning down of redness, it would be better.

littlelassie says:

This is my third day using Mirvaso and my first day to apply it in the morning instead of the afternoon. Today isn’t the greatest test because I also used little makeup since I was going to be with other people all morning and am a chicken. Interestingly enough I haven’t seen the same degree of effectiveness the past two days, but I believe that’s either because I am using less than the first time or because I have started mixing it with Cerave lotion to help it spread more easily. That being said, my redness has mostly disappeared by 45 minutes after application, I just don’t look freakishly pale. The one thing that bothers me is that at around 5-6 hours I start to see some pink/red coming back. All three days the redness first appears in my t-zone. I think it might have something to do with my skin becoming oily?

Matt_Seattle says:

Test Patch Review:

Well Mirvaso definitely works (at least it did for me). I first applied it just to a section on my nose and it turned it completely pale in that area (took about 20 minutes for the effect). There was no stinging and it applies smoothly (no scent really either) the texture reminds me a bit of cetaphil moisturizer or Cerave PM.. Very thin and easy to absorb. Now after the first application and as others described, it almost looked like an obvious pale spot with surrounding pinkness, but after taking a tiny bit more, working it through the finger tips and lightly applying to the rest of my nose while trying to fade it lightly into my cheeks, it smoothed out and gave a natural pale complexion to my nose. Im pretty impressed with how good it actually works.

Acanthous says:

I used 3 pea-sized blobs for whole face, at 2pm on the day I got the script ($50 w/coupon). I am a flusher, with many, many triggers, including ‘being alive’ and ‘breathing’. Deepest flushing is on nose and cheeks, but rest of face, neck and chest also flush. I always have some redness. Observations:

– I was white like a vampire for approximately 14-15 hrs. Not even red wine and pasta made the treated areas flush.
– this is not as good a look as I imagined it would be. Also, it highlighted the neck and chest flushing I have.
– some normal flushing started coming back on face and cheeks around 8am the next day.
– extreme, weird rebound flushing on cheeks starting by 9 am. Deep, blotchy flush, very hot and uncomfortable.

Renae says:

I have used mirvaso for the past three nights and the results are amazing!!!!!!! The redness/burning/swelling is totally gone! I do look pale in comparison to my normally flush appearance but i couldnt be happier with the results. I’m going to not use it for a few days and see what happens. Has anyone else had the same results as I have?

redman says:

Got it today. Left the Drs office, washed face, applied. 20 minutes later I walk in the house and my wife tells me I look pale. Not pale, I tell her. This is my correct color and that she should try it as well.

Renae says:

I just tried mirvaso and I cannot believe the difference it made with the redness/telangiectasias!!!!! I’ve tried every cream(finacea, metrolotion, oracea etc).

Scotty says:

Hi All – got a sample of Mirvaso yesterday from my Dr.  I used it for the first time this morning after my shower.  Didn’t really think much about it (had little faith to be honest) until I went to the restroom at my office.  Looked in the mirror and was very impressed!  It usually takes a long time for my skin to “settle down” after a shower etc – but my redness was VERY improved!  I still can’t believe the results.  So far I’m a fan.  We’ll see how it goes.  Good luck!

GreenGables says:

Using Mirvaso for 3 weeks. My derm recommended it at my appointment last month. I hadn’t heard of it before. But my derm is fairly on top of new treatments, and she said she’s had positive reports from her other patients since it came out in September.

Maybe that will change the longer I use it, but right now it’s positive for 3 weeks and counting.


I have been using Mirvaso for 3 weeks without any rebound flushing. Of course it all could change at some point, but so far it has worked for me.

Please Leave a Comment

If you have tried Mirvaso, please leave us a comment below so that we can all get to see how well it is going as a treatment – thanks!

Rebound Redness

There is a growing body of reports of bad flushing reactions to Mirvaso. It isn’t yet clear why this is; that it appears that users are having bad reactions to Mirvaso a higher rate than was seen in the Phase 3 long term trials. Take care and work with your doctor if you think you might be worse off after using Mirvaso.

So please do let us know in the comments below whether you stick with Mirvaso or have to stop using it.

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554 Reader Comments

  1. mark2faces says:

    Dear GG, It will get better. Give it some time. Please don’t get suckered in like I did about the “mirvaso and moisturizer” trick. It doesn’t work or this thread would be filled with success stories about it. God bless you and other Rosacea sufferers out there that have their lives consumed having to deal with this disease. Please remember we didn’t ask for this disease and go easy on ourselves.

  2. ac says:

    I have been using Mirvaso for a week (5 days).

    It looks much better after about 30 minutes, After about 8-10 hours I am back to normal again, being quite red. When I am not using Mirvaso and washing my face or after a shower, I suffer from redness even more than before for several hours. It must be Mrivoso that causing it because all the redness is where I have put Mirvaso.

    Because of that, I am not going to use Mirvaso any more.

    Sorry, my English is not good.

  3. diane says:

    UUFFFFFF! Have been using Mirvaso for abt. two wks. This morning I looked in mirror,
    and my right cheek was BRIGHT RED – worse than ever. I applied an ice pack which
    helped, but cannot go around with pack glued to my face. It was terribly expensive, ($85)
    and, most certainly, does not work for me! Very disappointing as I hoped this would be
    the “miracle” to, at least, tone down the redness. Diane

    • Simon says:

      Hi Diane , I am so sorry to hear that , but it works for me when i put it on in the morning and it lasts until in the afternoon . Sometimes is longer. I am Simon and i really like to make friend w/you so that we can discuss more about our Rosacea…(smarksc2000@yahoo.com

      • diane says:

        Thanks, Simon! Will em you. This is nothing but a nightmare. Just called my
        derm; he said to stop M.

      • diane says:

        Why HAVE TO USE EVEN a cold, wet towel after using M. when it is SUPPOSED to
        counteract roseacea?!!! Makes no sense! Can’t go around with wet towel every time
        you use M or any other Rosacea medication.

        • Simon says:

          I am tired of worrying the redness on my face. Everytimes i go out to the restaurant , i have to make sure they do not have a lot of lighting. My face will get flush if it is too bright. Does anyone do the Laser Genesis yet? I am planning to do it , please let me know if you do, and what is the result?

          • diane says:

            I have used IPL; it is very, very costly and you have to do it nearly monthly, if your R
            is severe. My R. was under control, sort of, until I started using Mirvaso. Unfortunately
            I do all of the things that exacerbate R: run, jog, eat spicy food, have a glass of wine
            at dinner, am stressed a great deal (that is part of life!), go out in the cold and in the
            sun with 50 sunscreen, hat, long sleeved shirts and try to do any hard work later in
            day. Suffice it to say, I LIVE and BREATHE and R. is a consequence! Can’t do major
            gardening in the dark.

          • Simon says:

            Hi Diana , Thanks for your feedback. It is very helpful. Did your IPL really work to control the R at first time when you did. I believe you have to do few times to get a better result. My doctor told me that i only need Laser Genesis for 5 or 6 times , and i will get back to a better normal life. I have been very good with my diet, i stop drinking , spicy food, and coffee. Was the IPL has any side effect on you?

        • Simon says:

          Day and night i put Finacea and Metrodazlole cream and then Mirvaso. Also i take a Oracea pill. Today, i work in the office and the Temp. about 88 degree and my cheeks feels really hot around 1PM , i use towel wrap up the ice pad into my face. Also sit in front of the Fan!! It takes 10 Mins to cool down the redness..

          • Kari says:

            NOTE: I do not work for Galderma
            BUT TRY THIS:
            You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You could also mix it with Benadryl cream, that works okay too. You will find that it is effective and you won’t get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems.

          • cathy says:

            This comment is in regards to Kari’s comments which are regularly posted.

            Even Galderma can’t claim that Mirvaso WILL or WON”T do certain things for everybody. Your claim that using it with moisturizer or with Benadryl cream “you will find that it is effective and you won’t get any redness after it wears off” needs to be modified to read: “you MAY find that it is effective used this way and you MAY not get any redness after it wears off”.

            Please modify your claim in the future so that it is not misleading.

          • NT says:

            I commented way back in October about my hellish experience with Mirvaso. I am sorry to say my skin has not completely returned to the pre Mirvaso redness. Basically, my skin has never been the same.

          • diane says:

            For sure I will never use it again!! As my doctor advised I have stopped using it.
            When something makes something worse, just common sense says, “STOP!”
            I was given a script for Finacea, but it was hundreds of dollars and my ins. wud
            not cover. Has anyone had any luck with this product? GRANTED!!! No product
            works 100% for 100% of patients, but —–! The great thing abt. this site is that
            you hear/get the truth from ACTUAL users of said products!

          • hatt8rAnna says:

            I have the same exact problem. Stopped using mirvaso

    • ac says:

      I didn’t go as far as an ice pack but a very cold and wet towel.

  4. Simon says:

    Diane, I have used Finacea for few months and i still get the flush and R . So that i do not know what Finacea good for. Do you mind i can call you so that we can talk more on the phone if you don’t mind.

    • cathy says:

      Hi Simon,

      These comments are based on my own experience and research, and it is possible that they do not reflect the experience of other people. So keep that in mind.

      Finacea and Metro and Oracea don’t do anything for the redness. If you read the product information you will find that out. They work to reduce inflammation, papules, etc. and to keep the rosacea from worsening. In short, they try to keep it somewhat under control, and the results vary from person to person.

      Mirvaso is the only prescription med advertised to do something for the redness, and you can see from the comments here that it may work for some people, but for some people it can make the redness worse. If it does that, I would imagine any prudent doctor would tell you to stop using it.

      Laser treatments can knock back the redness and the accompanying P& P, to varying degrees, depending upon the person, the equipment and the skill of the person using it. the treatments usually need to be repeated, and even after a good result is achieved, they usually need to be done again at some later date, because they do not cure rosacea – they knock it back, retard it, kind of put it into remission for a varying length of time. But I would still continue the other skin treatments – the oracea / doxycycline, the finacea or the metronidazole, etc.

      If you take the time to read through this website, you can find anecdotal evidence of how other things have helped rosacea sufferers. But remember that nobody responds the same to different treatments. For example, some have found some relief for skin sensitivity to histamines, heat, etc. by using benadryl or other antihistamines. I found some relief using that, but it dried out my body too much, my eyes suffered and I became constipated. I decided to forgo the antihistamines. Everybody responds differently.

      I get v-beam laser for my rosacea. last year i had it done 4 times, and i am starting it over again this year. all the while I am still taking doxycycline, and using finacea on my face. It is tough to be in the heat, and I must stay out of the sun due to the antibiotic. So I try to only be in airconditioned spaces.

      Good luck and don’t give up.

      • Simon says:

        Thank you so much for all the info. It is really help me to prepare what am i going to do. I got the Rosacea not long ago and before that i was not that severe. all the time i did not change my life style of eating and drinking. That is what my situation is getting worsen. Now i am just starting to eat very careful and stop drinking Alcohol , spice foods and Coffee. Every morning and night i am using the Finacea and Metrol cream on my face, only in the morning i apply the Mirvaso. I used to not sensitive to the lighting , but now i do. When you get flush on your face , do you also get hot and burn? Are you sensitive to the lighting? I have consulted a laser DR last week and she said i need to have Laser Genesis to improve my R. Now i am going to consult a second opinion Dr next week, to see if i really need it.

      • Scarlet says:

        Good summary. There are however also some very good prescription medications on the market, that have helped a lot of rosacea sufferes who predominantly have facial flushing, burning anfd redness as symptoms. They need to be prescribed by a dermatologist or willing GP, but they can truly stop the debilitating flushing cycle. I have had rosacea for 15 years now and have severe flushing and redness issues. I had IPL and v-beam and IPL made my rosacea MUCH worse, permanently. It will work for some, but not for others. I tried virtually everything out there and for me, what definitely has helped me most and gave back some sort of a life is a medication combination of clonidine, propranolol and mirtazapine. For those intersted (and willing to put up with medication related side effects), you can read more about this here: http://scarletnat.blogspot.fr/2012/09/medication-for-facial-flushing-in.html I also wrote a long Mirvaso post on that same blog, where all your comments here are added too. So far, the big majority of reviewing users had their rosacea worsened by Mirvaso, and this is something the doctors on the board already warned Galderma for. hey didn’t listen. When you use a synthetic blood vessel constrictor, it is common sense that it is followed by an unnatural and disproportional vasodilation after the chemical has worn off. The same happens to people using brimonidine for their eyes, or those on corticosteroids for instance. Good luck everybody and thank you all for sharing your personal experiences with the readers here :)

        • cathy says:

          Thank you Scarlet for you information regarding clonidine, propanol and mirtazapine. I asked my dermatologist for a prescription for one of the above, and she said I would need to talk to my GP. So I did, I explained to her what i had read about the anti-flushing medications, and she gave me a prescription for Clonidine. I havent’ yet used it. I will read your blog for more information on your experiences.

          I have passed along to my dermatologist this website and specific URL so she can see comments from Mirvaso users. I think doctors are caught up in the web of pharmaceutical promos and promises. I still remember this doctor telling me last year that a new product was coming out soon that was better than anything I was currently using for Rosacea. She was referring to MIrvaso.

          I asked her recently what her experience with MIrvaso and her patients has been, and she said about 50/50. I will ask her again today, I’m going for another v-beam.

          • diane says:

            Fabulous, informative, intelligent response and info!!!! So well written with usable medical
            info and names of meds!!! I am call. my derm immediately to see if he will prescribe
            one of the meds named. If not, I will call my internist. My motto is NEVER GIVE UP
            and keep on inquiring! Thank you, Cathy! Would love to know how the Clonidine
            works for you. Diane Everett, Wash. You are very obviously an educated, intelligent
            woman. KUDOS!!!

          • diane says:

            Cathy: what is “V Beam?” I have had IPL. Have you, and what were YOUR results.
            I just read a comment by ?? saying that he/she had had IPL and it made the R.
            worse. That is very scary in that I have one a mo., and it is very, very expensive,
            and, so far, I have not had good results! Thanks for any info you can pass along!
            Diane Everett, Wa.

          • Scarlet says:

            Thanks for your kind words Kathy. Its so difficult with rosacea and everyone who suffers from the burning and flushing is understandibly looking for a quick fix. Like Mirvaso promised to be. But this isn’t always possible unfortunately, especially with the more severe cases of rosacea. To me it seems, that there can be a lot of underlying causes or triggers or stimuli for rosacea (some genetic, some triggered by steroid cream for me, sun perhaps for others, indeed, skin irritants, auto immune disease etc etc), but the more inflammation and the more ongoing flushing, the more chances your flushing issues will become chronic and progressive I think…
            And the opposite might be true too. Prof Tony Chu (London) is my derm and he always said that stopping the flushing cycle sometimes results in remission of the rosacea symptoms, or at least a stabilization of them. I found this to be partly true; cutting down on the flushing -which I had 24/7 at first- with medication (or laser/IPL/diet/etc for others perhaps), made that the rosacea symptoms and the flushing episodes were cut back with time too for me. Still having them, but not 24/7 anymore. The blood vessels can become so sensitized from the ongoing flushing, that their ‘in build memory’ (or so the neurologist told me at least) makes them more and more prone to keep dilating. And the less flushing, the more normalized they can behave again. But rosacea is so complex, it can so easily be worsened again, that this seems only part of the puzzle…
            Galderma was aware of the rebound issues, I know from insiders, and were warned about them, but they wanted to bring the product on the market and had a very hard time stopping this rebound flushing. They hyped it for years however on forums and publications and sold/pitched the concept and product to many derms and doctors. Its just such a shame that there are increasing numbers of rosaceans who used it, had their hopes crushed and some till this day have their rosacea anf flushing worsened, which is quite frightening.. I tried a brimonidine mix similar to the (to be by then, in 2010) Mirvaso and had the same rebound issues. But after a few weeks things were back to normal. But by now people write me and to the forums about ongoing worsening of flushing, burning and redness. I find it a bit upsetting that Galderma knows about these issues, launches the product anyway and promotes it as the new treatment option for the flushers (that forgotten subgroup), and in reality the product can make things worse….

          • Scarlet says:

            And to Diane, thank you. I have been looking for ways to cut down on the relentless flushing and burning for a long time, unfortunately most flushers are told a lot of times by a lot of doctors that there is little they can do about it. Subtype 1 can look worse, but seems easier to treat than the redness and flushing and burning subtype. Antibiotics, topical and oral, often don’t help or even can make it worse. Accutane makes it usually worse. IPL and v-beam can help, but IPL made my case a lot worse permenantly, it is a huge gamble imo. But not many doctors know of the medications out there for flushing. It can be difficult to then find a doctor willing to prescribe the meds. On my blog (www.scarletnat.blogspot.com) I also gave some tips in the Medication post on how to possibly convince them to try these medication. They can have side effects (some tiredness that wears off with time, but mirtazapine can give some weight gain issues), yet these are relatively well known and long used meds, with a safe record and when you take them under the guidance of your doctor, I feel they are worth the side effects. Flushing can become a motor which steadily worsens your rosacea, and it is important to find ways to stop it in its track. I hope this might help someone here, as these meds help me a lot. Best wishes Nat

        • cathy says:

          Thank you for your comments re various meds available to treat serious flushing issues. I think it’s important to remember that these meds have varied side effects, even rebound flushing as you stated on your blog for Clonidine, if I’m not mistaken, if not used continually. As you stated, use of a synthetic blood vessel constrictor may be followed by rebound vasodilation after the chemical has worn off However for some people these meds can be a valuable resource as they have been for you.

          • Scarlet says:

            True Cathy, but the rebound from clonidine is shortlived and can be easily avoided, by taking the medication on a regular basis, with spaced out intervals. And to taper it off when you stop using it again. Propranolol can be used occasional with no flushing rebound risks. These meds have side effects but most are temporary and mild. IPL can help many, but there have been quite a lot of rosaceans for whom it made matters permanenly worse. Yes, despite it being very expensive and despite going to good practitioner. Every rosacea case is unique and some people have such hyper sensitive skin and blood vessels, or are photosensitive, which can result in IPL setting the rosacea off, amijg nthe flushing worse and causing angiogenesis, and the making of more blood vessels. That is one positive of anti flushing medication: you can try it and if you don;t like it, you can stop, without damage or consequences for your rosacea (unlike Mirvaso for some and unlike IPL). It is only an option I feel for those who are truly affected on a daily basis by their flushing and needs to be overlooked by your doctor, but even a simple paracetamol comes with a long list of possible side effects, most ones you will never endure. Doing nothing and letting your rosacea progress over time is also damaging for your body, your blood vessels and your spirit.
            Best wishes

        • cathy says:

          This comment page makes it difficult to properly follow a thread.

          Scarlet, on your blog, I think I read that clonidine can cause rebound flushing, etc. I guess that means if not used continually. Is that the case? I was prescribed it by my GP, but I didn’t start it after I read the patient information sheet where it said to take it continuously. Plus my flushing is not what I would classify as severe unless I really do something to aggravate it, like drink wine. I guess I had thought I might be able to take it on an as needed basis! I think I was wrong!

          • Scarlet says:

            Yeh it is not the most reader friendly set up, the way the reply section works, so I am sorry for the wave of comments from me flowing everywhere and nowhere now. I agree, if you want a medication for occasional use, clonidine is not the first choice, although it is the first choice in general I feel for flushing control. Propranolol is a non selective beta blocker and can be very usefull for flushing control, and it can be taken as needed, without the problem of rebound. Only when you took it for a very long time on a regular basis, it is wise to taper it off once you stop. Another med option for occasional use is an antihistamine. I find Xyzal most effective, but there are also OTC ones available. They can also be taken occasionally. Best wishes and hope it helps you a bit

          • Ken says:

            Based on advice from Scarlet Nats blog, I tried propranolol and ended up in the hospital with heart block and almost died. Maybe she should be aware that beta blockers have MAJOR SYSTEMIC SIDE EFFECTS. Maybe she should not give out medical advice if she is not a physician!!

      • I thought it was working for a few weeks then my face and nose became a brilliant red every night. Much better without it. does anyone have a normal face in the morning becoming bright red every night. One doc said not the normal pattern of Rosacea..

        • Kris says:

          Mine is often just my nose. Sometimes around 3pm but most often around 6-8pm.

        • Nate says:

          Mine is just red 24/7 all over, except for white around my eyes. I avoid sun at all cost. It seems to be a lesser shade of red in the morning but quickly back to a strong pink/red face during day/night. What a nightmate!

  5. Michelle says:

    3rd Day in of using mirvaso my skin went all blotchy and I had a burning itchy sensation. I now haven’t used the cream for over 24 hours and my face feels and looks terrible. It’s still very red and burning. I won’t be using the cream again.

    • Simon says:

      Hi Michelle, Sorry to hear what happened to you about the mirvaso. It all depends on person, and it actually works for me for now. I know it is really bad when the reaction occurs.
      I have suffer for the last two month, which i am very sensitive to the light even i have dine in the restaurant. Would you like to discuss more with me , please email me at simonchew800@gmail.com
      wish you get better.

  6. Pamela says:

    This product simply made my face worse. More redness, bumps/breakouts (I didn’t have before). Expensive so I tried it for 2 weeks hoping, but it was a waste of money. I hope my face recovers from this.

    • Angela Conners says:

      I has been 2 months since I stopped using it and just now my face is starting to look better. I only used it for 3 days. The sad part is, my redness was better before I used it.

  7. V. Schiessle says:

    It’s definitely making my redness much worse. Shocking! I can’t drink alcohol at all without looking like I have severe sun burn. I’ve now been using it for 5 days in a row. On the 6th day I didn’t apply it to give my skin a break – looked in the mirror and was beetroot red, and people are actually asking if I’ve had too much sun. One for the bin, immediately.

  8. cathy says:

    This letter is in reply to Diane who responded to my previous posting. I could not find a place to replay to your posting directly.

    Please take the time to read Scarlet’s blog about Clonidine and the rest of the medications. they have definite drawbacks to their use, and of course, everyone responds differntly to medications.

    Scarlet mentions on her blog that there can be rebound redness with clonidine, and it isn’t a med to be taken every once in a while, it needs constant use and monitoring. So do your own research so that you are familiar with possible consequences. One thing that I just saw on her blog with regard to Clonidine, is that it can dry out membranes, which would be a problem for me.

    Now with regard to your other posting about v-beam. Look up v-beam on google to find out what it is. I am not an expert on these things. V-beam has worked OK for me in terms of cutting back on redness. However, it takes multiple treatments, and may have to be repeated even yearly. AND EVERYONE RESPONDS DIFFERENTLY!!! If you didn’t respond well to it, don’t do it again!!!

    You can find postings on this website from people about many varieties of laser treatments. Just keep in mind, people respond differently, and it also depends on the skill of the person giving the treatment.

    you have to put in the time and do your own research to get acquainted with this stuff. Keep reading, keep researching.

  9. Julie says:

    Also had tremendous rebound redness! I was given a sample from my dermatologist. I put only on right side of face for one morning to test and compare. Though it slightly did reduce rosacea that day, the very next morning, my right face was bright red like a bad sunburn! Did not work for me at all. Not planning to continue use.

    • diane says:

      VENGEANCE!!!!!!!! So wish there were something out there to help us\

    • diane says:

      Good morning all! Is anyone out there taking minocycline, doxycycline or ANY OTHER
      oral antibiotic? I was on mino for months and am now on doxy. Any info would be
      greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, so far, the Paula’s products I am now using, for
      abt. a week, are not working and are making my R. worse!!! I am using: samples of
      I have discontinued because of an increase in INFLAMMATION, and the CLINICAL INSTANT CALM
      ADVANCED REDNESS RELIEF. According to Paula’s information I should have experienced
      “immediate lessening of redness after the first application!” Oh, I wish that were TRUE.
      I have used it abt. 4 times with very negative results. ALL of the products will be going
      back. I am just so disappointed and sad. Pls. advise if you are using any oral
      antibiotics and your opinion(s). Thanks, Diane Everett, Wash.

      • Mary Thompson says:

        I had outstanding success with doxycycline but suddenly developed a serious allergic reaction and had to discontinue. Bactrim and metronidazole had no effect.

        • diane says:

          tx. for your response; have been on doxy for only one wk. take too mg. per day, one in
          am and one in pm; starting out i took with food for fear of nausea; then i start. tak.
          with just water; no problem; shocked that i did not get sick; sorry abt. your hav. to
          stop how long were u on doxy before you saw any results tx. diane

    • diane says:

      As a last resort I now use CLINIQUE’S redness solutions to hide the redness. It works
      well, but does not get good reviews from P!!! She said it would “be better if it had included
      titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.” IT DOES CONTAIN BOTH OF THOSE INGREDIENTS!
      I have the bottle right in front of me! This truly makes me wonder abt. the knowledge
      that P professes to have. I will be call. cust. svs. tomorrow to see how I can get a full
      refund on all of the products. This has, indeed, been a very laborious and painful
      experience – painful meaning none of her products has helped me. I am sure they
      are the answer for most! Unfortunately not for me! Feedback? Diane

    • EmilyKingston says:

      Oh weird, Joey, you are promoting the same link as the redundant Emily further up the thread.

    • Janet says:

      I experimented with some of the stuff I had at home in a manner similar to what they talked about in your link, and it has worked pretty well. I have totally no irritation. Thanks Joey.

  10. Leslie says:

    Hello…I received a check from Galderma, makers of Mirvaso today for the $50 I had paid. Took a while, but at least I have the money back.

    • diane says:

      So glad you received a refund! Perseverance is the name of the game. I am in the
      process, VERY unfortunately, of returning all of the products I purchased from PC!
      They all made my skin much worse. A nightmare! Am sure they are great for some,
      but not for me.

  11. Mary Thompson says:

    I’m on Day 4 using whitish gel formula samples, haven’t broken into my full tube of product yet. I look pale on Mirvaso but I was very light skinned to begin with. No one in the family has remarked in a negative way about my reduced color. I find it become effective about an hour after I’ve applied it. Mirvaso restores the natural paleness in all but my worst red areas, which lighten sufficiently to be covered by makeup. Because my rosacea spots become more evident when the product takes effect, and the worst red areas start to reemerge in the afternoon, I need to retouch my makeup twice during the day. I find the product very comfortable to wear. No issues with flushing. I haven’t noticed rebound but will be taking a day off soon to test for it.

  12. Brandon says:

    Mirvaso has been the best treatment that I have used since being diagnosed with rosacea. I have tried everything that the Dr. would prescribe. I find it unfortunate that there are people who are having negative reactions to this medication, but we all know not all medications work for all people. Now onto my experience with Mirvaso. I have been using this for 3-4 months now and when I first started using it it turned my cheeks more of a pale white color. This didn’t last… I gave it time and now I don’t get pale white. The cream controls my rosacea very well, however I do have occasional flare ups when stressed or in a hot room. Ill take the occasional flare up over the lack of success I have had with any of the other medications. I use the cream every morning (about 1/4 pinky nail sized) along with cerave a very good lotion that my dermatologist recommended (maybe a thumb nail sized). BTW this is X2 one for each cheek. I rub that on my cheeks nose and between my eyebrows where I have the redness. I will sometimes show a little red like after I run… but even people without rosacea get red when they run. I am also on Minocycline I think that is due to the fact that I also had a really bad stye on my eyelid, but I think it also helps with rosacea. If anyone has any questions please feel free to message me on here. I know how much having rosacea sucks!

    • Simon says:

      Hi Brandon,
      How are you? I am so happy to see that you are sharing all the info. of Mirvaso with us. I have been using it for a while , It helps for me in the morning getting off the redness , but in the afternoon it bounces back . My Dr. ask me not to use it because it might get worse in the future if you don’t use it. Hope to hear from you soon…I really like to talk to someone who can share their experiences of Rosacea. I have changed my lifestyle a lot and sometime feel not to socialize at all. Please let me know if you would like to talk with me over the phone ,then i will provide my phone to you next time.

  13. Jim Burke says:

    I have rosacea and the only treatment that worked for me was Accutane. I took it for years, because I have severe rosacea. My Doctor took me off it about a year ago. I was in remission for a couple of years. This April I had it return with a vengence. I’ve taken Metro Gel, Mirvaso and oracea without success. The reason I was taken off Accutane was due to the drugs side effects for some people which makes almost impossible to obtain it. My drug plan will not pay for it and my Doctor says it’s very dfficult to gain approval for the drug. Is anybody taking Accutane and if so, was it difficult obtaining it?

  14. Kelly Scarborough says:

    I was also prescribed Mirvaso 2 weeks ago today…The first day I tried it I thought wow this is a miracle drug..the redness vanished..The only symptom I have is redness, I have never experienced the flushing from foods, alcohol none of the “triggers”. I do not have pimples. Just a red face with the little blood vessels, I assumed it was from yrs in the sun. However I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2012, so begins the endless scripts from Derms that really treat you as a Guinea pig, many topical and oral antibiotics. None of which worked because ..I DONT HAVE PIMPLES..so I finally went to my 3rd derm and was introduced to Mirvaso the miracle drug. I applied it at bedtime and when I woke up the redness was almost completely gone..but by 2pm the following day my cheeks were very hot. I had never experienced this because again I don’t suffer from flushing. So I continued to use the drug for 6 days..I would look horribly sunburned when the medicine wore off. So I googled it and found that almost 90% of people who have used this have had the same reaction. I stopped using it and I continue to have this horrible red face that burns a week after stopping the medicine. I put a call into the Derm that prescribed it today and of course was called back by a nurse who not so politely advised me that all her patients love it…hmmm she continued to tell me that it is NOT a cure….I said no that is obvious…..it is a cause as my rosacea is much much worse than before I put this poison on my skin. She offered no advice. I usually do not leave comments but I wanted to WARN anyone that is considering this to please read the comments of actual rosacea sufferers and see what almost every person says about it. I am going to turn to natural products moving forward and leave the scripts that these dr’s push (to get their kickbacks) behind and pray the damage caused by Mirvsaso is not permanent. Hope this helps someone before they use it!!!

    • Kari says:

      NOTE: I do not work for Galderma
      You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You could also mix it with Benadryl cream, that works okay too. You may find that it is effective and you may not get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems.

      • EmilyKingston says:

        She doesn’t work for Galderma, but she didn’t say she didn’t work for any independent contracted companies associated with Galderma…. The suspicion continues on my end.

        • diane says:

          Why, oh WHY would one have to mix, alter or otherwise go to such lengths to make
          a so-called “beneficial” drug work? NOT for me!

    • diane says:

      Hi, Kelly! KUDOS TO YOU FOR HAVING the fortitude to stand up for what you belieave
      and have experienced!!!!!!! I do not give a rip how many people like it, use it w/o ill
      affects, etc., etc!!! I used it once, and that was all that was necessary to know to STOP
      effects. STOP is the word of INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM. I do not want to have tomix
      it with Benedryl, other lotions, etc. HUH! It either works or does not. Seems to me, and
      I am very medically knowledgeable and have worked in the med. field for years, that
      there are many, many more negs than positives with this new drug, especially considering
      the cost and that it DOES NOT GO TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM FOR R.!!!
      It is a very temporary albeit scary one at best!!! I have sent ALL the PC products back
      since not one of them was benign on my sensitive face. If they do not credit my account
      I will take this “to battle” with P and with my BANK OF AMERICA VISA CARD. PERIOD!
      DONE! Good luck to you! This is, indeed, a day to day battle for us. I am now on
      doxycycline instead of minocycline but have to wait for a few wks. for a verdict. I could
      write a book on R!!!! Diane

      • Kelly says:

        I could not agree more and furthermore my Derm did not advise me of ANY adverse reactions .. I am furious not only with the pharm co but the dr as well.. And as for use a smaller amount .. I only used one pea size amount the first night and had the same reaction as I did using 5 pea size amounts .. I have been reading many forums for a week and ALL the comments are negative .. As for the poster advising me to mix with other products, that is the script the sales team was given at Pharm company to deal with the millions of complaints .. In fact the dr that invented this garbage was fired shortly after the release and the pharm company had a major layoff .. I live near Dallas and that’s where the company is located so this is fact not opinion. I see a class action lawsuit in their near future ..

    • Brandon says:

      Sorry to hear you had an adverse reaction Kelly. I understand everyone’s frustration on here. I don’t know that there is one prescribed drug out there that works on 100% of people 100% of the time. I’m not saying this medication is perfect, but its definitely the best thing that I have used since being diagnosed with Rosacea in 2009. I hope you find something that works for you.

  15. Debbie Birkby says:

    Don’t waste your money on this product. I paid £42 from my local chemist who ordered it specially for me. At first it seemed to work and after 30-40 minutes the redness in my face had reduced considerably albeit a little patchy. Later on that evening when it had worn off my face was on fire. After 3 days I have had to stop using it and last night, a good 12 hours after I had applied it I was sat with ice packs on my cheeks the burning and redness was so bad. Its hard to believe that a product that is meant to reduce redness makes you look ten times worse. I am sat here now, 24 hours after last using the product with 3 layers of make up on looking like a steamed tomato! My face is so hot I could fry and egg on it!

  16. debbiedeb says:

    I just started mirvaso about a week ago. the effects during the day – redness is gone; however, when I cleanse my face at night, I have been exhibiting a very red face (much more flushed than normal, in fact it has never gotten as red as it does after my cleansing routine) and I don’t know if its from mirvaso or not….I did not have this bright red issue after cleansing routine before I started using mirvaso…Is this a side effect?

  17. cistre says:

    My derm gave me samples of Mirvaso, but I was afraid to try it because of all the reviews I have read about rebound redness. I have serious rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. But since nothing else helped very much, I decided to try it over the weekend. I put it on at 11:00 a.m. and it was red for about an hour. Then it turned into a normal color and stayed that way for over 24 hours. Even when I put a sunscreen over it to work in my yard. What a relief! Don’t be afraid to try it. You may be pleasantly surprised. I am just grateful for this new medicine. I hope it continues to be this good. Will repost if something different happens.

    • Guy says:

      Hi, great to hear it is working! Did you normally flush/swell badly from the heat and sun? Thx!

      • cistre says:

        I spoke too soon. My first application day was like a honeymoon, my face looked so good. But on the second day, everything went down hill. My face became beet red and I’m still fighting it. My derm told me to use cold compresses and he prescribed Cutivate only for bad rosacea days like this, since it is a steroid.

        • diane says:

          Did not find Cutivate for ROSACEA anywhere online. Called my derm; he never
          prescribes it.

          • Cistre says:

            It is a strong steroid. I can only use it when my face is really bad and doesn’t respond to anything else.

      • Cistre says:

        Yes the sun makes me swell and turn very red even with a sunscreen. I can’t use Mirvaso anymore. I had a bad reaction on the second day. My derm gave me Cutivate to be used only on the very worst rosacea days. I’ll probably not use it much because it is a steroid and I don’t want my skin to get addicted, or worse, rebound redness. We’ll see what happens.

  18. Guy says:

    They say that the majority of testimonials reported on the internet are those that are negative as people search for answers and others user experiences et.

    Still, in saying that, I used Accutane and it caused horrific flushing after months of use, so bad that I felt like someone was pressing a red hot iron on my cheeks. Ii was pretty permanent and I sat in front of a fan 24/7 chewing on ice cubes and using ice packs. I have thankfully in time, somewhat managed to get some control over the flushing with various med protocols from various doctors. Mirtazipine, clonidine and propranolol have helped the most. But I still suffer immensely from the heat or sun…anytime in the afternoon sun and my face goes reddish and swells up, even with SPF 50 and sunglasses and hat. Has altered my life.

    So after what Accutane did with flushing I am VERY hesitant to try this stuff especially with people saying it made their rosecea permanently worse after trying it, just like Accutane did for me.

    Still, part of me wonders if this stuff would stop the swelling, and lessen my sensitivity to heat, mainly the sun and warm temperatures et. I have read some reports of it doing just that for some people.

    After everything I’ve been through, I think I will sit back a little before any kind of decision re: personal trial.

    Thanks to those posting positive and more importantly negative feedback…and for those having ongoing problems after discontinuation, there is hope and other meds that can help. Just be patient and persistent. I also believe that with time my Accutane induced flushing got better but I still definitely attribute a lot of the improvement to the meds mentioned above. I used Accutane about 5 years ago.

    I always research, research and research some more before considering most things.

    • diane says:

      Hello Guy! I am just so VERY, VERY sorry about your continuing negative responses
      to so many things – esp. Accutane. I have never, ever heard of using A for rosacea,
      albeit I am not an MD derm!!! Does not matter; did not work anyway. I have consulted
      4 different docs, and they are all, pretty much, on the “same sheet of music,” treatment
      wise! No matter the treatment we R people MUST stay out of sun at all costs. I run,
      garden, etc., and use major sun screen, large hats and still stay out of sun during the
      heat of the day -= period. Of course anything that smacks of exercise exacerbates
      R, but I refuse to let this affliction stop my life. All meds for R make us more susceptible
      to flushing, etc. Just “living” with stress and day to day activities cause R. I have tried
      myriads of antibiotics and am now on doxycycline twice a day; changed from minocycline
      which is in the same family, but thot just a chg. mite help. One thing I have done on a
      regular basis, even tho it is costly, is IPL laser treatments. Even this does not make big difference! There is an IPL treatment that just uses light and NOT the LASER which I
      am going to try. I use Cerave’ products on my face; they are inexpensive, gentle and
      pure or as pure as possible. No sense in spending $$$$$ on “stuff” that does not
      work as well or better than C. All of my derms say “good” on this product. Can get at
      any good drug store. Metrogel does not work for me either. Talked to my docs re
      Accutane, and they were all “mystified” abt. the use of it other than acute acne.
      I so understand your angst re this awful problem. Wish I could help. D.

  19. Mary says:

    Mirvaso makes my face look very blotchy. It is hard to cover with makeup. I didn’t think anyone would notice but 1 morning at breakfast my friend asked me what was wrong with my skin. There are pale spots and red spots all over my cheeks. Not so much on forehead and nose. Maybe I will just use in certian spots and see how that goes. My dr seemed shocked that I was having bad results. I quit and gave it another try. I applied it at 7am this morning and it’s now 10:30 and it still looks awful. Hiding in my office.

    • Vicki Istre says:

      I gave up on Mirvaso. The first day I used it, my face looked great. But after that first day, I got rebound redness when it wore off, which was worse redness than I had before. It very discouraging because I’m sick of having a red face.

    • Kari says:

      NOTE: I do not work for Galderma
      You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You could also mix it with Benadryl cream, that works okay too. You may find that it is effective and you may not get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems.

  20. cistre says:

    Please be vigilant with your sunscreen. It makes a huge difference.

  21. Jane says:

    Hi, I just want to add my experience here in hopes that some may find it helpful. I have had mild-to-moderate rosacea for several years, with primarily flushing, a frequent burning sensation, and facial redness, not so much the pimples. Over two years, I tried metronidozole and finacea, neither of which helped very much, though the finacea helped a bit. I had high hopes for mirvaso, and tried it for a week but stopped it in dismay because the rebound effect (which I hadn’t been warned or heard anything about) was terrible, and overall I was a good deal worse off than before I started it. I decided to swear off the topical prescription meds entirely, and switched to two home remedies that have worked well for me, that I heard about from The People’s Pharmacy (consumer drug and health information, emphasizing natural and home health remedies).
    For about five weeks now, I’ve applied 100% aloe vera gel as needed, which greatly soothes the burning and flushing, and also wash my face with a common brand of anti-dandruff shampoo containing selenium sulfide. I’ve seen significant improvement, maybe 75-80% back to normal which I will gratefully accept, no more meds for me. I don’t seem to have the bright flushing any more, my skin is much calmer though still a little pink. Occasional tingling/burning still, but much milder, less severe, and the aloe Vera (which I keep with me at all times) relieves that a lot.
    My experience,- of course your mileage may vary, good luck to all.

    • V. Schiessle says:

      thank you, will try the aloe vera. Certainly can’t do any harm, unlike Mirvaso. It took about a month for my skin to get back to “normal” after using it for a week or so. Absolutely devastating rebound flushing.

      • Jane says:

        You might try the Selsun Blue wash too, my feeling was can’t hurt, might help. The information I read noted that the cause of rosacea is unknown, but “some hypotheses point to small intestine bacterial overgrowth and others to large numbers of skin mites (Demodex)” so that perhaps that’s where the selenium sulfide may help. Good luck. :-)

        • V. Schiessle says:

          certainly an interesting theory, if somewhat gross. Will have a go. Do you just use it as a wash, or do you leave it on for a while?

          • Jane says:

            Different people seem to prefer different frequencies according to their skin’s sensitivity (it’s slightly drying). I apply it like a lotion twice a day, – during my morning shower I leave it on while I wash, then rinse off; and at night I leave it on my cheeks while I brush my teeth. Others only use it once daily, or a few times a week.

          • Jane says:

            In case I wasn’t clear, – I apply it, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off. I don’t leave it on.

    • J says:

      Hope you’re enjoying your job at The Peoples Pharmacy

      • Jane says:

        :-) I understand your skepticism, but I’m a college science librarian with (unfortunately!) no outside sources of income. I just wanted people to be able to check out the source I used for themselves.

  22. M Hew says:

    Before I mention my Mirvaso experience, let me first explain my rosacea background. I was diagnosed with rosacea at the age of 18 (young I know), and I believe it was due to all the acne medication (Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid) that I took throughout high school due to the desire to get rid of my mild to moderate acne from puberty. Now my rosacea consists of just redness, no bumps or postules. After high school, I noticed that pretty much my entire face, besides my forehead and the circles around my eyes were redder than the rest of my face/ body. It bothered me so much that I went to a dermatologist which prescribed me with I think prosacea and some anti-biotic, which neither did much but irritate my skin. After this didn’t work I went to another dermatologist who recommended laser treatment (not sure if it was IPL of V-beam…), but this really made my skin irritated and redder than ever. After this I pretty much said screw it, I am only putting on my face gentle organic moisturizers.

    Fast forward 7 years… I am now 25 and went through college and now have a full time job teaching all while enduring my rosacea and accepting it. However, throughout the years I have seen a drastic improvement in my rosacea since the dark days after the failed lazer treatments. Just to give you an insight of my lifestyle outside of work: I workout 6 times a week (lifting and cardio), eat a lot of meat and carbs (not the best diet for rosacea sufferers, but I do not have too many triggers for flushing), drink alcohol almost every weekend with friends (was significantly more at college), and since my body and forehead tan fairly easy, I do go tanning every now and then (another big no-no for rosacea sufferers). But then about two weeks ago I was just curious on how the skincare “professionals” were doing on maybe coming up with a cure or even a significant treatment that worked to reduce the redness in rosacea seeing how I still suffer from flare-ups here and there and really am trying to rid myself of rosacea permanently…

    Then I see the ads for Mirvaso, the new treatment that restricts the blood vessels in your face to reduce the red appearance. I remember thinking, “man, this makes sense and sounds like it would work perfectly for my, still slightly, red complexion.” Stupidly, trying to avoid a doctors visit, I bought Mirvaso on ebay for 65 bucks. I received it a few days later (perfect condition/ wasn’t tampered with) and tried it out. It worked amazing the first two days!!! I looked a little pale but it seriously looked like I never had this horrible disease. Then the third day came… I woke up the third day and looked in the mirror and I was horrified by how red my face looked!!! I haven’t seen this look since those dark days after the failed lazer treatments. I looked online to see if anyone else had this effect. Looking at the reviews, I found that about 90% of the reviews of this topical were negative and talking about a rebound redness effect. I was so disappointed and continued to use it for a few more days to see my face look normal and then in the morning look awful (I also started to feel myself flush a lot more while on Mirvaso). My advice to anyone who reads this is to stay away from this topical. I think it does more harm then good.

    As days went by when I discontinued use of Mirvaso, the redness stayed. So I went and started to look for more treatments online (I was more desperate than ever). Then I came across a website that mentioned having digestive problems could be causing rosacea in certain people. Then I remembered that when I first started taking Mirvaso, I did not have one single, normal bowel movement while on it and since taking it. I probably had these digestive problems before but over time improved. I think Mirvaso triggered something that caused the flushing and the sudden rebound redness that I was experiencing. The website also mentioned these supplements to take to fix these digestive problems: Milk Thistle Extract, Vitamin B12, Burdock Root Herb, Chlorella (green super food that is suddenly being put in many new skincare products), betaine hydrochloride, and the probiotic “Acidophilus.” I’ve been taking these 6 products and I have seen amazing results in the past TWO days!!! I bought these for all these for a combined 45 dollars at Vitamin Shoppe and hope to see further improvement. I have no idea if it is the combination of these supplements or one or whatever but all that matters is it has worked! I no longer have that unbearable rebound effect from Mirvaso along with the constant flushing from it. I can only hope that this continues to work to finally get rid of this stubborn disease. Hope this helps anyone who reads this!!!

    Your Welcome,


    • EmilyKingston says:

      M Hew, I’m happy to hear that your reaction to Mirvaso has subsided but I wouldn’t be surprised if the supplements you are taking are not the reason. For one, supplements of this nature take an effect slowly, with mild and gradual improvements. Secondly, your reaction to Mirvaso would have calmed down either way, and typically people see the rebound end in a few days if they haven’t been using it for very long.

      I also just wanted to say that it’s probably not wise to be exposing yourself to sun if you have rosacea, or to be drinking if it triggers flushing. Rosacea will advance, and men especially need to be worried about rhinophyma, and other phymas that come from the associated inflammation. I understand that you are in a carefree place when it comes to your rosacea, and that’s great, but given you know you do not have success with laser or light therapy, I wouldn’t be doing things that are known to cause the condition to advance as the irreversibility may some day cause you to regret your actions. I was carefree with it for the first while and now I am dealing stinging and burning feelings which I’m pretty confident I could have avoided if I had been more diligent about treating it and avoiding triggers in the beginning.

      That’s all. I don’t want to step over any bounds here, but I woudln’t want to see you in a place of regret in a few years wishing you had paced yourself a little more when it came to your skin.



    • diane says:

      Where do you get these “products?” and are they in skin products themselves?
      Thanks, and I am so happy for you!!!!!! ‘Tis a miracle! Miserable condition!

    • Guy says:

      Hey, I am 100% certain that Benzoyl Peroxide also screwed me.

      Foolishly, I found Acne.org online and followed that Dan guys protocol by slathering, literally, Benzoyl Peroxide all over my face. Shortly after, I started getting facial redness and puffiness or swelling in the face, especially when exposed to even the slightest bit of sun.

      I am olive skin, Italian type complex and never had issues, I tanned so easily and only had maybe had 2-3 sunburns in my entire life.

      Now after a few months of foolishly following that BP regimen, I cannot even go in afternoon sun for more than 15 minutes without face getting puffy…

      It was 8-9 years ago and I tried Accutane for the facial swelling but I reacted badly to it and started experiencing flushing that never went totally away…

      So perhaps you can see why I am apprehensive with Mirvaso due to some of the current horror stories posted by users et .

  23. Rebecca says:

    Hi everyone,
    I wish I had looked on this forum before I tried Mirvaso (or Onreltea in Canada). This worked amazing for 3 days then on the fourth I was so hot and red I thought I was having an allergic reaction. I’ve been off the stuff for 3 days but am still so red and hot I need to use ice packs to cool down. I have had laser in the past so my rosacea was probably mild to begin with; now it is worse than ever. What I want to know is if this effect will go away and how long it will take? What can I do in the meantime? Thanks

    • Suzyq says:

      I am curious about something-seeing all of these negative comments (mine included), Does any of this discussion about Mirvaso get back to the pharmaceutical company that makes it?

      • Verena says:

        I’d be surprised if they don’t read these boards, but maybe somebody should send them a link to this forum.

        • cathy says:

          I hate to sound too cynical or pessimistic, but I guess I am. I don’t think it matters to Galderma. They are making money and that’s all that counts. After all, they are in business to make money off of people’s ailments.

          Llkewise, I don’t think doctors would take an interest in the forum. They too are in the business of making money off of people’s ailments, and if they prescribe something that doesn’t work or makes the situation worse, it’s not their fault, is it? They can blame the pharmaceutical company or simply say, well everyone responds differently. I mentioned this website and the Mirvaso responses to my derm, and she was not interested.

          So the attitude I get from doctors if I mention seeing something on the internet or in a forum is a dismissive one. I guess if patients haven’t been through a double blind study then their experiences are invalid to a Doctor.

          again, sorry to sound so negative. I used to have generally good opinions of the medical profession. that has changed.

          • diane says:

            Cathy! could not agree more. I am very medically knowledgeable and have worked
            in the “profession” for yrs. My derm responded the same. I have consulted with,
            literally, at least 7 drs. in the derm field, general med. and internal meds. Nothing
            from any of them as far as R. Let me know if you find anything; I will do same.
            I tried the Selsun Blue shampoo; made my R worse. So much for that “treatment!”

    • Kari says:

      NOTE: I do not work for Galderma
      You probably need a lot less Mirvaso than you are using. Try mixing a very SMALL SMALL amount of Mirvaso with a good facial moisturizer and then reapply it after things calm down. You could also mix it with Benadryl cream, that works okay too. You may find that it is effective and you may not get any redness after it wears off. I’ve been using Mirvaso with this method since the fall and haven’t had any problems.

    • Veronica says:

      Did you ever go back to normal? I am experiencing the same effects. I’m two weeks in, and still no improvement =(

  24. Stuart says:

    I just joined this group. My rosacea is relatively new: two years approximately. In April of this year I was given some samples of mirvaso. After two days usage, my rosacea was noticeably much worse. It looked like I had welts all over my cheeks and forehead. I called my doctor even though it was a Sunday. He returned the call and told me to immediately stop using this medication. His patient anecdotal results were 50/50.
    I wanted to get oracea since a friend had wonderful results.
    My insurance is Medicare/United Health which absolutely, positively will not cover the cost of oracea. My doctor even tried a letter to the insurers.
    The cost without insurance was approx $590.00 for one month’s supply (1 pill per morning).
    I now am getting Oracea through a friend in Toronto and it costs approx $185 for over two month’s supply.
    Does it work? Within one week (6 pills) my face had a pink color…no more bright red…and it has stayed this way for almost two months.

    • cathy says:

      To the best of my knowledge, oracea is just doxycycline, 40 mg per day. You might research this for yourself, and see if your derm would write you a prescription for doxycycline instead.

      I get doxycycline hyclate 100 mg per day for $10.00 per month on my insurance. I could probably get my doc to prescribe 2-20 mg per day so that it would be closer to the oracea dosage, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

      Apparently the anti-inflammatory dosage of 40 mg/day is what rosacea responds to, so anything over 40 mg per day is overkill and you might risk developing antibiotic resistance using the higher dose. Hmmm, maybe i need to talk to my doc about that. Not that she would know or care one way or the other. She is all too happy to prescribe Oracea without giving it a second thought as to the expense. I actually got the 100 mg per day prescription from my eye doc for my ocular rosacea, it’s what he is used to prescribing.

      Even doxycycline is incredibly expensive without any insurance. Of course being the cynic that I am, I have all kinds of suspicions about why that is the case, since it’s such an old generic drug. My suspicions have everything to do with the makers of Oracea.

      Best of luck. I’m glad that your face seems to have calmed down.

      • Stuart says:

        I have a severe stomach “allergy” to any kind of antibiotics. Yes oracea is doxycycline but I am told it is time released and a total of only 40mg per dose.
        Somehow this dosage with its time release does not have any negative effect on me.

  25. Raine says:

    I have so many triggers that I thought the only way to know if Mirvaso was working was to put on one side of my face only. First application it was amazing within 20 minutes 70% of redness had gone and my face had stopped burning on that side, it only lasted for 3 hours. But, been using it now for 4 days, it hasn’t worked again and I think is actually making that side of the face even redder compared to the side that hasn’t been treated.

  26. Tammy says:

    I got a sample of Mirvaso from my dermatologist before buying the prescription and I so glad I did. I put it on my whole face and after a couple hours my face had welts and was very red and hot. I thought maybe it would stop if I continued to use it-but sadly no- it only got worse. I have had trouble getting my face calmed down.

  27. FYI says:

    FYI successful use of Mirvaso in treating post laser erythema


  28. Leslie says:

    I received a Mirvaso sample from the dermatology PA a few days ago and really wish I would have researched it before trying it. Thankfully, I did not follow the PA’s advice and apply it to my entire face opting rather to just apply to problem areas. It worked fairly well removing redness for about 8 hours. After this point my face became progressively more reddened, swollen, and hot. It was so uncomfortable last night that I needed to take Advil and spend the evening icing my face. What a disaster! After reading various rosacea forms it appears this is a very common adverse reaction. The PA couldn’t have warned me this might happen? How in the world does a drug like this pass clinical trials and receive FDA approval? I will not trust any other drugs put out by Galderma.

    • Verena says:

      It baffles me, too. Particularly since it doesn’t require prolonged trials, but the adverse reaction only takes a very short time to set in. I knew after 2 days of using the stuff that it was a really bad idea to go on. Mercifully, my skin is back to normal now, and I’m never again going to rush into trying out a new drug, no matter how desperate I am to improve my skin.

      • Stuart says:

        i was given a few sample tubes of mirvaso and metrogel by my doctor. both medications gave me terrible reactions: my rosacea was much, much worse in redness and itchiness and i immediately stopped using them. so far, still doing well with oracea (which, I’m told, has a different brand name in Great Britain).

        • Verena says:

          I think it’s doxycycline here. I had read about Mirvaso in the Daily Mail, in an article that almost read like an advert. No doubt the journalist never tried it out. I then actually asked a surgeon for a prescription while in an unrelated consultation. The drug was brand new, and the hospital pharmacy had to order it in. He recommended I go see a dermatologist, but I was too impatient and wanted it quicker than that. After two days of use, the rebound redness looked like a comprehensive scald. Only then did I look for more info on the stuff, and found it on this board.

      • Veronica says:

        How long did it take for you to return to normal? Thanks!

  29. Sophie says:

    I used Onreltea for three days at a less then prescribed dose because my rosacea is (was!) somewhat mild(ish) – cheeks, nose only. Within hours of application, I was delighted to see how pale and even toned I looked. However, on the evening of the third day – the ‘rebound flush’ appeared – and it was HOT! The next day I phoned my dermatologist who told me that my skin was probably ‘getting used’ to the gel. I used it again the next day, now diluted with moisturizer but by the evening – I was bright red and papules were beginning to appear (I’ve never had those before.) Needless to say I stopped using this product but three / four days later my face has never looked more red. At least today as I write, the burning sensation is decreasing but the diffused erythema is broader and I have swelling under my eyes.

    I have written to Galderma twice requesting advice as to how I can reverse these adverse effects. My tone has been polite and respectful but I have yet to hear back from them. I should have listened to my instincts when I was told by the pharmacist that this product was new and cosmetic only. I even said to her, that I was surprised I hadn’t been prescribed something medical. That I didn’t want to mask the condition but was more interested in treating it. Vanity unfortunately won out!

    Please excuse the length of my note, but I write only to warn others. I can honestly say that my skin is worse now than it ever has been – and way more red and swollen than before using Onreltea (Mirvosa.)

  30. Rach21 says:

    Please help! Does anyone have any advice to try and speed up the recovery period? My fiancé and I are getting married in 10 days and he’s suffering really bad rebound flushing worse than he’s ever had before.

    He started using mirvaso in the hope his redness would be gone but it’s made things worse than ever. He stopped using it 3 days ago after using Mirvaso sparingly for 4 days. We’re really worried it’s not going to get better.

    Any tips GREATLY appreciated!

    • Stuart says:

      I had relief in 4 days since I started ORACEA. One pill in the morning on an empty stomach. I went from fire engine red to a light pinkish and it has stayed for 3 months so far. One pill per day.
      GOOD LUCK.

    • NT says:


      Sorry to hear this… I had the exact same experience. Tell him not to touch the stuff again… He should be back to normal at about 7 days … so by your wedding, most of the weird sporadic rebounds should be over. Hope this helps . Best of luck to you both…

      Nadia :)

    • Brandon says:


      I recently had a bad reaction to this cream. My dermatologist told me to use Domeboro (can be found at walgreens). I used it 2-3 times a day and it helped clear me up. I also had to take antibiotics and use a hydro-cortisone cream to to decrease the swelling and reaction. I now just use cerave lotion and the hydro cream. Mirvaso worked for me for about 6-7 months no problem then i all the sudden developed an allergic reaction to it. Good luck and congrats on getting married!

  31. Jo says:

    I used this cream for the first time last night, but I’d read the comments here and so I was quite apprehensive and only put some on my forehead (which is where I get the worst redness generally) and not the rest of my face. I was pretty amazed by the initial results – after about 30mins my forehead was looking the best it’s looked in years – absolutely no redness what so ever. When I woke up this morning it was looking red again. I understand that by then the effects of the gel would have worn off, but it seemed to be looking even redder than usual. After gentle cleansing and moisturizing it calmed down and went back to “normal”. However, later today I underwent an experience that admittedly would usually trigger some flushing (I’m currently doing my masters and I had to present my thesis findings to some of my professors), the flushing on my checks was about the usual I would expect for that kind of nerve-wracking experience, however my forehead where I had applied the Mirvaso the night before was EXTREMELY red, more red than it has been in years. Now, I know I only tried it once (and also it’s really expensive) and so I’m not sure if I’m dismissing it too easily, but the rebound flushing really freaked me out because my rosacea has been reasonably controlled lately and seeing that level of redness again was quite upsetting. Although it was great seeing the immediate effects, I’m not sure it will be worth it in the long run. Does anyone know, if I carry on trying it is there any chance that the rebound flushing will have a permanent effect?

    • diane says:

      I tried it once only which was more than enough to STOP IT!
      Why risk the chance that it will worsen or stay inflamed!!!

      • Veronica says:

        I used Mirvaso ONCE on a small patch and the redness has not subsided. It’s been exactly 2 weeks. Can someone please tell me if this redness will eventually go away? The fact that it hasn’t improved for 2 weeks concerns me. PLEASE HELP!

        • Stuart says:

          Did you only use Mirvaso only once two weeks ago and then never again and the redness has not gone away? My doctor told me when I had a lousy reaction to that med to stop all Rosacea meds. asap. I did and 3 days later, the redness had subsided. As I posted before for this group, I then went on to Oracea and have had very good results for months. Good Luck.

          • diane says:

            SAME PEOPLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN??????!!!!!! Waste of time for all of
            us to read, again and again, – nothing new. This is a terrible affliction, and every time
            I log into the blog I hope to find something NEW, DIFFERENT, HOPEFUL, etc. I
            respond to most of the emails, but they most certainly do not want to hear the SAME
            from ME AGAIN!!!

          • Stuart says:

            Dear Diane,
            I’m so sorry not to be a doctor or a pharmacist so I could tell you of any breaking news. I, for one, thought this group was not only to learn of new meds for Rosacea but also to lend support to people who, like Veronica (and like me) need to know there is a friend out there who will say, “you are not alone.”

          • Veronica says:

            I used it once 2 days ago and it’s still red…. why?!

          • Veronica says:

            Sorry I meant I used it once two weeks and the rebound redness still hasnt subsided AT ALL. I used it on my right cheek and a few days later my left check also turned red. Can someone please help me?! My derm said it isn’t permanent but I don’t trust her…she’s the one that gave me Mirvaso in the first place and swore it wouldn’t cause any negative reactions on my sensitive skin.

  32. David Red Face says:

    On my third day of using it – sorry to report very, very disappointed and a waste of £50 for me. On each day of use, apply as instructed in the morning – I wait for redness to go down or at least reduce but only has a VERY slight reduction and also have white blotches in places can hardly notice any difference BUT the worst thing is when the stuff starts to ware off oh my GOD. Severe redness, flushing, throbbing, heat sensation, that just will NOT go down at all even next morning far worse than I have ever had before. This has happened on all three days after about 4 – 5 hours I was hoping this would be a relief from years of having issues but now feel worse than ever. I hope to god other people have better results but I will not be using again. Just feel I will have to live with this what now feels like a debilitating affliction for ever with no possibility of improvement :-( it impacts my work life, my social life and my relationship – not good for me

    • diane says:

      TO ALL OF YOU LADIES OUT THERE – Just in case you have not heard or used this
      product I thought I would reach out and let you know I have been using a product
      by CLINIQUE called REDNESS SOLUTIONS, SPF 15. I am blonde, blue eyed and
      fair and use #03. It is made to cover, hide or whatever term you want to use our
      awful redness. It is the one and ONLY product that helps at all. IT IS NOT MEANT
      TO CURE R. IT IS NOT A MEDICAL PRODUCT, just a cosmetic one. Who cares!?
      If it helps, go for it. It is found at any good dept. store; i.e., Nordstrom, Macy’s and
      others. Not found in drug stores. You can go to Clinique.com for further info.
      Good luck! Oh, you just use a pea sized, or less, amt. Diane

  33. Ann Halpin says:

    I tried Metrogel (didn’t do much) and Finecea (had a very bad reaction) and have found that Mirvaso is the treatment for me. I use a smaller amount than the instructions and it works perfectly for me. My skin is clear of all the bumps and pimples and the redness is gone for the most part.

    My dermatologist told me to use a pea size amount on my entire face when he gave me a sample and that works perfectly for me. The prescription instructions say a pea size amount on each area of the face – that is way too much and caused my face to turn bright red and inflamed.

    I will keep using the smaller amount as that works beautifully for me and will also save me money as the tube will go a lot farther.

  34. Hope Simon says:

    It works fairly well. I get a good 10 hours. BUT…I must be careful with the foods. Read: the Rosacea Diet, and really follow it. The Mirvaso with the diet helps a lot. Also stay in a cool environment. Heat is really bad for us.

  35. Veronica says:

    Just an update. The redness has finally subsided after a solid 3 weeks. After MUCH suffering and MUCH prayer, and some medication, my skin has actually gotten better that what it was pre-Mirvaso. Thank God! No more redness and people have been telling me I have perfect skin…like a baby’s bottom. With that said, I will NEVER use miravaso EVER again.

    • diane says:

      I am just so happy that this awful episode has come to an end and that you did not
      suffer any longer than 3 plus weeks. Uffffffff! Do you think that if you used M again
      that you might have “baby-like” skin right away? Diane

    • jo says:

      Yes..prayer…don’t forget prayer. Ohhh..the suffering, the humanity. Your face is a little red, the world is ending..
      Give me a break. get a grip.

      • NikkiKingston says:

        Our faces are our identity and livelihood. To have a permanent change for the worse that leaves one feeling embarrassed and with diminished possibilities for joy etc. in this world, then that is a big deal – especially when you didn’t know that a stupid product could do this in a matter of days. You get a grip, jo. If you’re not one of the 82% of rosacea patients who are anxious or depressed about their condition, then congratulations. Leave the rest of us alone.

        • NT says:

          Well said Nikki !

          To us all….Please, lets just all remember to be kind to one another.

          ~ Nadia

          • diane says:

            RIGHT ON AND WELL SAID, NADIA!!!!!!!!! You could NOT have STATED it BETTER!
            KUDOS! I send all sorts of “replies,” but never get any return replies. Just hope YOU
            get this. Diane Seattle

          • NT says:


            You are so right.

            Nadia :)

          • diane says:

            Back atcha’ Nadia. Maybe, between the two of us, we will find an answer to
            this very difficult affliction! di

          • diane says:

            NADIA! Just think what a better world this would be with just
            one act of kindness per day per person. Di

          • Jo says:

            Yes, KINDNESS
            and PRAYER
            and GOODNESS
            and 2 ACTS OF KINDNESS per day, or maybe 3,…yes I think the bible says 3.

        • Pamela says:

          Very well said Nikki! And my face is not “a little red”. Having to wear foundations, concealer, cover up & the time it takes, daily..just not to hear your kid’s friends ask “why are you so red on your face?”, others asking “are you sick, are you ok?”. Worrying about your makeup coming off in the pool, at the gym, ect. I’ve even just said i had sunburn rather than trying to explain. Willing to pay whatever hoping for relief. This is Not people being vain over a little flush once and a while! I’ve even been desperate enough to try all the suggestions w/mirvaso. No luck. Maybe someday..

  36. Arthur Agnew says:

    Used Mirvaso on my face and 20mins later my skin felt so cool , I looked in the mirror and saw that my face was no longer RED , I was more than delighted then 2 hours later I felt my face burn and then turn a Bright PINK ….. After I stopped Cussing , I decided to try the cream again the next morning , Again encouraging results followed by my nose looking like a “Brake light” then the rest of my face going a bright pink colour ….. You Guessed it , I’ve STOPPED the use of MIRVASO.

    • jo says:

      Try combining the Mirvaso with aloe vera gel before you put it on. This helped me.

      • diane says:

        Talked with my derm TODAY; he said he had attended a national derm meeting
        the co. that makes this “stuff” denies REBOUND vehemently, but he was glad I
        used common sense and stopped it. diane

  37. Heather says:

    I went in for a possible skin cancer scare on my nose (turned out as vascular and a laser treatment later it’s all gone) and was diagnosed with rosacea by my derm (new dr to me today). She gave me a sample of mirvosa and of course I tried it as soon as I got home. I have never seen my face NOT red. Because of that I keep crying every time I look in the mirror when I see flesh tone and not fiery red. But now I’m nervous about my experience with mirvosa because of what I have been reading. Three hours in with no adverse reactions so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works out. It will be so nice to not have to answer the questions “are you hot?”, “are you embarrassed?”, etc. I should have gone to the dermatologist sooner.

    • Ann Halpin says:

      Heather, I haven’t had any adverse reaction to Mirvaso and I have been using it since June. As I read all the suggestions from other people with rosacea it really seems that we all have different reactions. I tried several things suggested with disastrous results so have just been doing what works for me. I can’t use Finecia (breakout, stinging and severe redness) although I know it works for others. There will be times when you have some reverses (I get them if I eat spicy food or am really stressed) but for me Mirvaso takes care of most of it.

      I feel the same way you do – I should have gone to the dermatologist much sooner! Good luck and just keep notes about how your skin is doing and let your derm know if anything changes.

      • Heather says:

        I am keeping my fingers AND toes crossed. I usually react with stinging, severe redness and itching even with sensitive skin products.

        I am so happy that I found this community!

    • diane says:

      I am so happy for you!!!!! Hope all goes well!!! Diane

    • Heather says:

      So much for mirvaso. 20 days in and it’s worse than it was before I started using the gel. The first five days were great with no redness but now I’m as red as a stop sign. My skin is currently dry on the extreme side, which it wasn’t dry before. I don’t know if this can be part of the problem or not. Just frustrated.

  38. Doug says:

    I have been using Mirvaso for 14 months now. I have rosacea over my entire nose. During the first month, it worked perfectly. Natural looking skin and all the depression and anxiety was lifted for 30 days. I remember walking into work with a new feeling and couldn’t be more excited to engage in human interaction (first time in a very, very long time). Over time, it became less effective. Here I am 14 months later and it stops working after about about 4 hours and I rebound while at work. Embarrassing. Though, it’s still better than my pre-Mirvaso days, so I keep using it. And, I occasionally have good days. Still haven’t figured out that formula, since my day-to-day routine has little change. On a side note, everyday I wake up and I’m guaranteed to have redness. It’s not until I shower, apply, and use moisturizer does it go away (about 30 mins after I wake up).

    I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars (still am) trying new skin care products to help, but nothing has been successful for a long period of time.

    My best days are the days I use a light dose, drink 2 gallons of water (I also work out on a daily basis, so this is a must), and several weeks after a laser treatment. My best advice would be to avoid alcohol and sun exposure while on this. It can really cause you to flush, and make you run for a hole in the ground.

    For those applying several layers of skin products, I find that using OC-8 (the new formula) as the final layer really helps to blend it all in and make your skin look natural. The new OC-8 formula itself helps reduce redness, at least in my experience. I use it once in the morning and it usually lasts for about 8-10 hours.

    Hope this helps and thanks for reading! I’d be happy to answer any questions considering the length of time I’ve been on it. I’ve tried experimenting extensively and am lucky enough to have a job where I can work from home on days my flare ups are the worst.

  39. Kari says:

    Just wanted to update ya’ll from my RealSelf review. Someone wrote in:

    “I have read a lot of negative comments as well and started using it recently. First day or two wasn’t great. Then I figured out that what seemed to work for me (and others) was using it sparingly with cream. My dermo told me to use elidel and mirvaso together – and I am using both VERY sparingly. I think it’s strong enough stuff to just use a little dab with cream and the results are starting to come around. I still have redness, but my complexion is much better and I think it’s working well enough”

    Mirvaso-still a blessing!

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