Mirvaso Rebound Flushing makes the news


In a followup article on François Fournier, the head of Galderma USA, the Dallas Forth Worth Daily raises the topic of rebound flushing from Mirvaso.

Whilst only quoting one online forum posting, the author Bradford Pearson highlights what he calls the mixed response to the newly released topical Mirvaso.

Indeed it is a question that needs some investigation – does it indeed cause rebound redness and if so, why does Mirvaso appear to cause worse redness than before the user starting using it.

Secondly is there a good reason why  the online reports for early users of Mirvaso doesn’t match the adverse reactions from the Phase 3 Long Term Trial Results?

François Fournier Out As Galderma USA President

“I think it’s important for me to reinforce that 16 million people have rosacea in the U.S.” he told D Healthcare Daily earlier this month. “It’s an inflammatory and vascular disease. It’s a chronic disease. And most of them have erythema and this product will bring a solution. There is a big market, they have a lot of patients suffering. Before this product, there was no product working.”

But since the product’s release, results have been mixed. Online rosacea message boards have roundly attacked the product, saying that the rebound flushing caused by the drug was worse than the initial redness itself.

“I’m nine days since my last Mirvosa application, and I am still feeling the bad effects from use,” wrote one user. “I used a very small amount for three days, on my nose mostly, spreading it out to my cheeks, but the rebound is affecting my whole face, including my chin, which never flushes. I’m starting to believe that the rebound is over, and that this is going to be a permanent deterioration of my condition due to the inflammation I experienced after I stopped use.”

Sansrosa Research Looked Good

The clinical trial results (well at least those which were easily available to the public) looked quite positive. There was no appearance of problems with rebound redness or problems if you stopped and starting using the gel.

This is further reinforced from a quote on November 1 from Dr. Rosso:

Addressing facial erythema, DermatologyTimes, Nov 1, 2013.

By: Ilya Petrou, M.D.

Most recently FDA-approved for treatment of persistent nontransient facial erythema of rosacea in patients age 18 and older, brimonindine tartrate 0.5 percent gel (brimonidine 0.33 percent, Mirvaso, Galderma) applied once daily has been shown to reduce diffuse facial erythema of rosacea with a usual onset within 30 minutes and with peak activity over approximately eight to 10 hours.

According to Dr. Del Rosso, the safety profile appears to be favorable, rebound has not emerged as a major problem with this agent, and tachyphylaxis has not been observed.

So Does Mirvaso work or not?

Only time will reveal whether the initial negative reaction online to Mirvaso bears out in the larger populatio as Mirvaso’s usage becomes more widespread.

Rosacea can be a tricky disease to treat, especially when blushing and flushing and hyper reactive skin may be present also.

Daily Mail Mention

A Daily Mail article also has a reference to the negative reports of Mirvaso that are emerging online. This cannot have escaped the notice of Galderma.

Tiny ‘spider mites’ that may cause a blotchy red face


And there are potential side-effects – one study of 276 people found 4 per cent reported flushing, redness, a skin-burning sensation and allergic contact dermatitis.

Some patients have complained in online forums that the ‘rebound’ flushing caused when the drug wore off was worse than the initial redness caused by rosacea.

Dr Mark Jackson, chief investigator on the U.S. Mirvaso trials, said it was often difficult for patients to remember what their skin was like before treatment unless they photographed themselves.

You can immediately tell the quality of any article reporting on rosacea if they use the word spider when referring to Demodex Mites then you shouldn’t trust much else that they write.

So the quality of the article is low, but it is worth noting that a good objective measure of redness at baseline and during and after using Mirvaso is a good place to start in deciding if it works for you.

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About the Author

About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .


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64 Reader Comments

  1. mark2faces says:

    What a punk…

  2. George says:

    Im glad that this issue is getting the coverage it deserves as the whole mirvaso/sansrosa saga has been an absolute joke from start to finish. We put our faith in these pharm companies and the FDA to bring safe, affective products to the market. I feel that the FDA has let us down in quite a big way on this one. We have all waited such a long time for something that works but to be honest anyone that has been following the progress of Mirvaso could have spotted this one from a mile off as it was plainly obvious in early trails of brimonidine that there was a serious, almost devastating rebound issue for many people experimenting with it.
    The words that keep springing to mind for me are ‘simply not good enough’. Its time that a pharmaceutical company starts taking our condition seriously and does some REAL research in to how we can achieve some safe affective treatment for this serious condition.

    • Layla says:

      Honestly, I will be DEVASTATED if this does not go away. I am a performing artist and have to cancel a photo shoot in 4 days because of this. This is an outrage.

  3. Mary says:

    I too am suffering. I am worried this won’t go away. It hurts, it is awful looking, and there doesn’t seem to be much out there to heal it. I really wish I had found all these negative reviews before use. They were a lot harder to find than the glowing reviews.

  4. linda says:

    I have very mild rosacea on my cheeks mostly & just been diagnosed a few months ago. I have to treat it carefully so it doesn’t get worst (inflammation). I use Mirvaso only when my face is not red or on days when I know I need it. I notice it does rebound after several hours with slight flare up but overall it works on my condition.

  5. Donna says:

    I have used Mirvaso for three days and liked it so I thought, after the third day I decided NOT to use it to give my face a break from it since it was a weekend. My face is now on fire and very red like I have been in the sun all day. Not sure what to do, this is VERY disappointing. I hope it does not last long. Any suggestions?

    • S says:

      I used it for three days 2.5 weeks ago and had the same thing happen to me–I even went to my dermatologist twice. Take some Tylenol, drink water and try to relax. It’s going to take time. I know it looks awful and scary and confusing that this could happen from only 3 days use….but it will calm down. The other suggestion I have is to try to sleep on your back–I found if I slept on my side, whatever cheek I had slept on would be far more red when I woke up. My face is now back to normal…..but I never would have believed that 2.5 weeks ago….so hang in there.

    • jessica says:

      Reapply the Mirvaso. It took a while for my skin to adapt to it.

  6. emily says:

    I’ve been using Mirvaso mixed with a moisturizer (1 part mirvaso with 3 parts moisturizer) and it’s worked great. Someone else who posted in another section on here also mentioned using benedryl cream. So I switched to mixing together 1 part Mirvaso, 2 parts moisturizer and 1 part benedryl before I apply it. The combination works great, even better than moisturizer alone. Give it a try. i think you’ll agree. Good luck!!

  7. Jenny says:

    After using Mirvaso for just over a week, i am VERY sad… My face is SO RED! It’s NEVER been this red before! It looks horrible! When will this go away?!?!?! I called my doc and she said discontinue use.

    • Mary says:

      Jenny- it takes a while, but it will get better. My skin was getting worse for about 3 days after I stopped. Then for a few more days, it wasn’t as red, but still burning and uncomfortable. After about 10 days, I went back to normal.

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks Mary! What a disappointment, right? I don’t have terrible Rosacea but I don’t want it to get to that point either. I thought Mirvaso was going to cure it all and stop it from getting bad. Boy was I wrong! I haven’t been this red since I had mono (which effected my skin more than anything, oddly).

  8. Kate says:

    Day 1 – Put on left side of face at 7am. No issues, cheek seemed to imprive
    Day 2 – Put on left side of face at 7am. Around 3pm cheeck started to burn a little. Looked slightly red.Thought I better not apply any the next day.
    Day 3- Did not apply any. By 3pm left side of face was burning. Looked in mirror and was shocked! So red it looked like a birthmark! Subsided by 7pm.
    Day 4 – Did not apply any. Face normal all day until 3pm when it started burning and turned apple red. IT is now 4:30 and still left side of face on fire and HURTS.

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Kate – I had pretty much the same, however, I thought that if I kept on applying that it would go away. Bad idea lol I haven’t used the product in over a week and I am finally getting some relief. At this rate, I would say it may take a solid 2 weeks to get out my system, so just sit tight.

  9. Linda says:

    I had used Mirvaso for about 5-7 times in past 3 weeks. My face have been redder than before, especially on the days not using it. Worst, I wake up with red cheeks every day now. This never happened before! I will definitely try not to use it anymore!!!

  10. Heidi says:

    I tried what Emily recommended above mixing Mirvaso with the benedryl and moisturizer before using it and it worked great. Thanks Emily!!

  11. Elissa says:

    I thought this might be the answer to my intermittent rosacea attacks. I applied a dab of Mirvaso on both my left and right cheeks. The effect was cooling, and the red color diminished…that is until 8 hours later when it came roaring back with a vengeance! It’s been 3 days, and my left cheek looks like someone is holding a match to it. It is red as a beet, and hot to the touch.
    I am discontinuing use effective immediately.

  12. beth says:

    I used mirvasi and the first day everything was great my face actually looked normal and I had no reddness until the next am. I reapplied the medicine the next am. This time it only lasted abt 6 hours and the reddness was back and worse than ever. The next day I decided not to use it and my face was so red and on fire. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to see me . My face continued to look horrible for weeks and now 2 months later ita finally looking better but still has some red to it. Mirvaso is not a good medicine to use and I would def not recommend this to anyone. Stay away from this stuff !!!!!

  13. Gwen says:

    I have tried mirvasa 4 times in the past 10 days. Each time I apply in morning and after about 45 minutes my face looks great with no redness.
    About 8 hours later my face starts burning up and feels very raw and stings. It is so red and is worse then my regular rosacea.( Normally my face is always very red,people at the gym ask me all the time if I’m ok because I get that red)
    8 hours after using this mirvasa gel it looks like I have a massive sun burn My face is flushing so bad and it just won’t stop. The 1st few times I thought it was due to stress but the last time I was just hanging out at home watching tv.
    The next day I am always back to normal.
    The bad side effects of the flushing just are not worth the few hours of looking normal. I decided to stop using mirvasa.

  14. Elissa says:

    My rebound episode has lasted more than 10 days. In fact, the redness came roaring back with a vengeance, and my cheek is still hot to the touch.

    8 days ago, I contacted Galderma to ask for a refund. They said they were sending out an envelope, so I could return the unused (almost new) tube. Not having yet received the envelope, I just called them again to enquire. The not so friendly customer service rep said she would send again. I will update once I get results.

    If you want to attempt to get a refund, contact Galderma at -866-735-4137
    Their customer service staff isn’t very friendly, but I suppose if a lot of customers were calling to return my product, I would me miserable as well.

  15. Jimmy says:

    the more I use Mirvaso, the less I need it. Started twice a day and now I ma down to onece a day with good results that last longer.

  16. Cynthia Williams says:

    PLEASE HELP, I am a 21 year old female and I was prescribed Mirvaso last week and was thrilled the first three days with my results. My skin was flawless. Friday December 13, I noticed unusual redness with the Mirvaso, Saturday it looked and felt like someone took a blow toarch to my face just one hour after the use. I thought it just might have been a reaction to chocolate or spicy foods so I rinsed my face and didn’t think about it. Sunday, I applied the smallest amount to my face and it did it again. It has been since Sunday that I even looked at my Mirvaso– my face is blood red with purple splotches, it is hot as can be and burns. Has anyone else had this?
    I will be so completely devastated if this does not go away. I am in full blown panic mode. And can not seem to calm this redness down AT ALL. My dermatologist will not return any of my phone calls. Does anyone have suggestions or have had anything like this happen? I don’t want my face to look like this forever- it is so embarrassing. You can personally email me at cynthiaciarra@yahoo.com

    • Elissa says:

      I had a very similar experience. My skin is normally fair and flawless. I occasionally suffer from a rosacea attack, and have been managing it with Doxycycline for a few days here and there, until it gets back under control. My Father is a dermatologist, and thought it would be a good idea to try the Mirvaso gel. HUGE MISTAKE. My face felt and looked like it was on fire.
      The only thing that worked for me was to go back on the Doxycycline. It took about 10 days, but my skin is finally back to normal.
      I did contact Galderma about a refund. They sent a 4 page survey/questionnaire, and at the very end they ask for a Pharmacy Verification so they can contact them for “potential replacement or reimbursement purposes” Big hassle.
      I’m sorry your doctor didn’t call you back. My dad had no choice….:)

    • Peter says:

      I get the same problems. Terrible, Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

  17. Peter says:

    I ordered Mirvaso at a international pharmacy. The first and second day it was a fantastic effect. My redness disappears and my face appears pale. At the third day I got a terrible rebound flushing effect. My face was redder than usual, it was stained, it feels like after a sunburn. I discontinue Mirvaso at once. 10 days after discontinue Mirvaso my face is still redder than at the beginning of treatment. I hope that Mirvaso will get no approval in Germany. I hope that the shitstorm is big enough to stop Mirvaso all over the world.

    • Linda says:

      WTH What is an international pharmacy? That sounds dodgy & like a loophole!!! It took over a month for me to completely rid of Mirvaso out of my system. My face was redder on daily basis even without any trigger! It should NEVER have been approved in the States.

  18. Peter says:

    That’s assault. I hope that Galderma be sued for damages.

  19. Nancy says:

    Before Miravosa was on the market, my Dermatologist at a major teaching hospital prescribed the Brimonodine eye drops for me to use on my face. I experienced major rebound flushing that eventually subsided after I stopped using it for a while. But it became a vicious cycle of the more I used Brimonodine, the more I had to use the drops to keep from blushing. I didn’t realize it at the time until the blushing cycle was bad enough for it to dawn on me that it was the drops – almost like using a steroidal cream/ointment.

    I am very leery of this new product and after reading the comments here, I realize that it wasn’t just me that had a problem with angry rebound blushing. I think it’s like putting the cart before the horse, until scientists figure out the cause of Rosacea, they should not try to mass market a product to help the public. Only time will tell if Miravosa helps the vast majority longterm or if it is an addictive product making drug company’s money.

  20. Nancy says:

    I remembered my sister calling me a few years ago telling me she was walking around with very red and bloodshot eyes. The reason was that she just had her eyes examined and her doctor said she had been overusing Visine on a daily basis and it created a dependency. Her doctor told her to stop using the Visine. She is fine now but I wonder if this is also happening with use on the blood vessels? I searched the internet and copied the information below from Livestrong.com about rebound redness in the eyes from eye drops. Question then is: what is the difference with daily use of Miravosa on our faces?

    Rebound eye redness is a side effect of overuse of eye drops intended to relieve eye redness. Imidazoline works as a vasoconstrictor, causing the narrowing of blood vessels.Over-the-counter eye drops work quickly to reduce redness, but do not eliminate the cause of the redness. Rebound redness results because the blood vessels in the eye dilate as the effects of the medication in the drops wears off. Overuse of eye drops to relieve the symptom without correcting the cause sets up a cycle of dependency and misuse. Eye drops should be used only as directed, and are not intended for long-term use. According to MayoClinic.com, when over used, eye drops containing imidazoline can cause permanent redness and damage to the blood vessels in the eye.

  21. lee says:

    Has anyone used it just on the nose? And, does anyone know if it’s non-comedogenic and doesn’t clog the pores? But after reading all this, I’m afraid to try it. Imagine if just the nose has a rebound effect. Yikes! Any feedback is appreciated.

  22. Chloe says:

    Mirvaso was prescribed to me back in November and I had wonderful results instantly. Was putting moisturizer on top after daily applications. Then I noticed intense facial redness on Thanksgiving and thought it was from consuming wine. Had to go out in the cool weather for it to calm and it did. All was well until a month or so later when I noticed the magnified redness with any touch of heat such as blow drying my hair, standing over a pot of boiling pasta, opening up a hot oven, etc. I mentioned it to my dermatologist and she hadn’t heard of such reactions. In the past week I am getting daily red flare ups and I mean intense, inflamed redness. It looks like a horrible sunburn and is hot to the touch. My face also throbs! I am a school principal and was mortified when the reactions started occurring while I as at work. Will stop use immediately. Am also on Doxycycline.

  23. Nancy says:

    Chloe, that sounds like what I have experienced. Don’t panic though, just stay off the Mirvaso and I believe your skin will readjust to the way it was before using the medication. Similar to using a topical steroid or too much daily Visine. I am not a doctor but just speaking from my person experience, research and top medical attention. Best wishes.

  24. Gary says:

    Mirvaso worked so great I was flying so high about having normal color skin. It seemed like it was losing its effectiveness after a week and now 2 weeks later. The dreaded flushing. I washed my face before bed tonight and my nose is 3 times more red. My cheeks are red which they never were before. Someone mentioned it looking like you’ve been out in the sun all day. That is exactly what my face looks like. This is very depressing after being so excited about the results. Im going to stop using it. Maybe just on special occasion or something. :(

  25. Loriann says:

    The first time I used mirvaso I was happy with the result. It took my redness away with a 1/2 hour of applying. I had applied it again for the next 3 days & again was excited that it was working. Then on the fourth day my face became redder than it ever did before. I also experienced some minor burning. Needless to say, I am disappointed with this side effect & I have not used it for several days & I am still experiencing really bad redness & burning.

  26. Matt says:

    Could anyone who experienced bad rebound flushing confirm whether it eventually got better after stopping use? I am so depressed right now with the effects this stuff has had on me. I stopped using it 10 days ago and my face is still burning so badly with practically no trigger.

    • Elissa says:

      It took a month for my rebound to stop affecting me on a daily basis. I think taking doxycycline helped to speed up the healing process.
      You can contact Galderma for a refund. It won’t help the rebound, but no reason to be out the money for a drug that doesn’t work

    • Nancy says:

      Matt, I would suggest that you see your Dermatologist to have them evaluate and document your condition. A doctor can also get your condition under control quickly so you can start feeling and looking better.

      Some things that my doctor had me try when I had reactions:
      1) Apply cold compresses using strong cold black tea. The caffeine in the tea acts to naturally constrict the blood vessels in your skin and can help calm the blushing down.

      2) Also you can try some OTC antihistamines in case you are having an allergic attack.

      Until you can see your Dermatologist, try to keep everything off your face other than gently washing and moisturizing your skin and stay out of the sun. Try to calm your system down.

    • Mimi says:

      I only used it for a week. It took another full week for the redness to calm down. Horrible stuff.

  27. Jay says:

    Is there any documented proof, that the rebound flushing will end. This is terrible. Much worse than when I started.

    • Cynthia Williams says:

      What I got out of the entire process is that everyone’s sensitivities are different. If you feel brave enough to continue use of it and feel as if the rebound flushing may subside then go for it. But if you have sensitive skin I’m not so sure you should continue use of the product. Supposedly in the tests by the FDA the rebound flushing was a low percentage. My experience with Mirvaso was horrible and o will never use the product again as long as I live.

  28. Ron Hicks says:

    To put it as simply as possible I wish I never tried this product, my problem has become worse. Face is red, hot, fells like a sunburn and being stung by fire ants at the same time. My advice to anyone thinking about using this product is “DON’T USE IT”

  29. Ron Hicks says:

    One more thing to add, the pain is so bad that it will be hard to stop using the product.

  30. Sean T. says:

    This Product has been nothing buy a nightmare for me. I was given 2 little samples at first to try. The first day was great, The second day I was feeling good, accept when it wore off I was a little concerned about how red my face was. I thought maybe it was just me and I let it go. I picked up my prescription on Tuesday 02/28/14 and used it until Saturday March 1st. BIG MISTAKE! Mirvaso is horrible and made my face 100 times worse. I discontinued the use of this item now 72 hours ago and my face is still Burning, red and it’s embarrassing. I just hope it goes away.

    My Dr. told me to discontinue using it and wanted me to take prednisone For 1 12 day treatment. I have yet to take this as I rather wait to see if it just wears off naturally. My advice to others looking to use this product, is DONT.

    • Nancy says:

      My advice to anyone who has a negative reaction to a drug is to please TAKE A PICTURE and report to your doctor! It doesn’t do any good to just complain here. The pharmaceutical company and FDA has to know about it as well. Best wishes

  31. Lee says:

    Nancy is right! Report it to everyone so the word gets out, not just here. So many Dr’s. don’t know crap and they hand out samples like candy. Mine gave me some of this and when he said it works similar to a nasal spray, I asked him if there is any rebound effect and he said no, but I could tell he was just guessing. Then I looked it up and saw all these posts… no way will I use the stuff.

  32. Samantha says:

    I’m both relieved and horrified to see that I’m not the only one having a negative outcome from using Mirvaso. I’ve had rosacea my entire life and have never treated it because it only bothered me when I had certain triggers (alcohol, exercise, spicy foods, crying, the normal stuff..). I went to a dermatologist for the first time regarding another issue and he noticed my red cheeks and asked about them. He gave me 2 samples of Mirvaso and I also filled the prescription.

    I haven’t used it in 5 days and my face is uncomfortable and extremely red. I’ve also noticed redness where I hadn’t experienced redness before. I’m hopeful that my skin will go back to it’s normal, versatile, healthy state. And I’m never using Mirvaso again.

  33. Ben says:

    Same for me. Started Mirvaso in March 2014 because of a red nose. First week was ok and white face. After a week, my cheeks became hardcore red like if I had a terrible sunburn. Since a week I stopped now it’s worse and during the day it’s red all the time. We should do a group action against this company. This is a shame. I feel horrible. No improvement so far…

  34. Daniel says:

    I would be curious to know if folks who have been using brimonidine for an extended period of time have experienced bad flare-up in the early stages of use and better, more baseline-like conditions when the brimonidine wears off over time.

    In the spirit of sharing our experiences with other rosacea sufferers, my experience with brimonidine is documented below:

    Two days ago I tried it to see if Mirvaso (brimonidine) would clear up the redness on my face. I applied some to half of my face at first to see what the results would be. Amazingly the redness completely disappeared on half my face. I applied the product on the other half and within minutes my entire face was entirely rid of the persistent redness that I have suffered from for years. The results brought on a euphoria that I never experienced before in my life.

    In keeping with other user experiences, the effects of the brimonidine wore off the next day, in my case resulting in a pattern of redness that I was not accustomed to, more localised, less diffused. Undeterred I reapplied the product and sure enough the redness disappeared again for about six hours at which time I could sense the redness wanted to reappear. Since I was going to a social event day, I reapplied the product and again the redness disappeared. But I must say that I was not that comfortable given that I did not know when I might flare up again as the effects of the drug diminished. It would be far from ideal for the effects to wear off half way through an event. Fortunately no flare ups occurred during the event even with the consumption of alcohol.

    This morning I awoke to a rosacea flare-up like I haven’t experienced in years.

    My sense is that the tiny veins that produce the red appearance on rosacea sufferers faces have be been brought to a new and confused state that makes them overreact with rage when the constricting effects of brimonidine wears off.

    I believe that if I reapplied the product to my face the redness would probably disappear. My worry is that it would be at the risk of increasingly severe flare-ups once the drug has taken its course (6-12 hours in my case).

    Use of brimonidine would be acceptable if during downtimes, or periods of non-use, the redness returned to a baseline condition. But if the trade off is sever flare-ups once the drug as worn off in exchange for 6-8 hours of relief, I don’t think it’s worth it, especially since we don’t know what the long term impacts will be with regular and persistent use.

  35. Ben says:

    Anyone would know how to stop the burning effect? It’s now two days I stopped mirvaso and I still have the face skin hot and burning. Any advice will be appreciated. It’s Saturday and can’t go to the doctor/dermatologist.

    • Nancy says:

      Ben, until you can see your Dermatologist, try making strong black tea and let it cool. Then apply compresses to your face soaked in the tea. The caffeine in the black rea will help naturally constrict the blood vessels as well as the cool temperature of the compresses. Also, document your rebound blushing by taking pictures. Best wishes.

      • Ben says:

        Thank you Nancy. I’m going to try this solution. I applied the basic Nivea white cream It cooled down a little bit.

        • Ben says:

          Just a quick feedback. The solution of Nancy with the black tea is working. It took 10 min to get a normal face and remove 85% of the redness. THANK YOU

  36. Scarletnat says:

    Thanks everyone for all the Mirvaso reviews here. I made an inventory of all the negative (mostly) and positive (few) reviews of rosacea patients on Mirvaso over the months, yours are all added as well, you can read it at: http://scarletnat.blogspot.fr/2013/12/mirvaso-inventory-of-patient-responses.html

    Thanks and I hope that people will keep posting them here.

  37. Mary Jo Murray says:

    I got a sample on Monday, used as directed on Tuesday morning. My face got white – weird looking. After about 7 hours, my face/cheeks got extremely red – almost purple. After 24 hours, it seems to be calming down a bit, but still redder than before. I’m going to try the black tea thing this afternoon. And I won’t use it any more.

  38. Mimi says:

    I was given 2 sample tubes by my derm. I have moderate papular rosacea. Have had it since my late 20s. I currently use metro lotion and a daily 100mg doxy pill. I don’t have any papules and my redness comes and goes. Some days I don’t flare at all, if I am lucky. I asked my derm about Mirvaso. I was thinking how nice it would be not to have to worry about flare ups. The 1st day I used it I was in heaven!! I had white skin again on my cheeks! It wore off in about 12 hours. No prob. The 2nd day I used it and it worked the same but I noticed it wore off in about 8 hours and I then flared so bad. It hurt, and my cheeks haven’t been that red since I was first diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago. But I had yet to make a connection. I continued to use M for 7 days. Each time it wore off quicker and the flushing was awful. Finally I googled rebound flushing Mirvaso. And here we are. It had taken me a full week for my skin to calm down. completely. So if you have been using it don’t freak too much. It will calm down, it just takes awhile. And yes, I noticed that I was rebound flushing in areas that I don’t normally have it, like my chin, forehead and nose. I did not even apply the product in those areas, just my cheeks. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

  39. Ben says:

    It’s around one month now after my first use and it’s calming down, but didn’t come back as before.

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